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You might say we’re us­ing strong lan­guage this month. Our vo­cab­u­lary quiz fea­tures words about power—hav­ing it, get­ting it, or lack­ing it. Af­ter

flex­ing your men­tal mus­cles, turn to the next page for answers.

1. an­neal (uh-'neel) v.—A: toughen. B: weaken grad­u­ally. C: sub­mit to au­thor­ity.

2. doughty ('dow-tee) adj.—

A: hes­i­tant. B: will­ing to yield power. C: stout­hearted.

3. en­er­vated ('eh-nur-vay-ted) adj.—A: lack­ing vigor. B: strength­ened. C: glo­ri­fied.

4. dint (di­hnt) n.—A: heavy­weight. B: power. C: elec­tri­cal unit.

5. proxy ('prahk-see) n.—

A: strong lik­ing. B: au­thor­ity to act for another. C: king’s royal guard.

6. thew (thoo) n.—A: mus­cu­lar strength. B: cas­tle wall. C: term of sur­ren­der.

7. but­tress ('buh-tress) v.—

A: shore up. B: chal­lenge head-to­head. C: de­throne.

8. pre­pon­der­ate (pre-'pah­n­duh-rayt) v.—A: seize con­trol.

B: in­flu­ence by in­sid­i­ous means. C: have greater im­por­tance.

9. duress (du-'rehss) n.—

A: queen’s sis­ter. B: sov­er­eign rule. C: compulsion by threat.

10. puis­sant ('pwee-sahnt) adj.— A: pow­er­ful. B: sub­dued by fear. C: cow­ardly.

11. ar­ro­gate ('ehr-uh-gayt) v.— A: sup­ply with weapons. B: seize un­justly. C: crown.

12. ef­fete (eh-'feet) adj.—

A: marked by weak­ness. B: brawny. C: able to get things done.

13. at­ten­u­ate (uh-'ten-yoo-wayt) v.—A: make firmer. B: make longer. C: make weaker.

14. coup (coo) n.—A: strong sig­nal. B: head hon­cho. C: power grab.

15. ex of­fi­cio (eks uh-'fih-shee-oh) adj.—A: out of power. B: by virtue of po­si­tion. C: ab­stain­ing from a vote.

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