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Cakes, bou­quets and brides­maids—the wed­ding sea­son is here again. Test your knowl­edge of the age-old tra­di­tions and lat­est trends in our quiz.

Cakes, bou­quets and brides­maids—

who doesn’t love a wed­ding?

Test your knowl­edge of the age-old tra­di­tions and lat­est trends in our quiz

on the “hap­pi­est day in your life.”

Tra­di­tion de­mands that the bride should stand to the left of the groom dur­ing the wed­ding cer­e­mony. Why? a) So that the bride is closer to

her beloved’s heart b) Be­cause the left side sym­bol­izes weak­ness in the Chris­tian tra­di­tion c) Be­cause in an­cient times the groom had to keep his right arm free so he could de­fend his wife-to-be

Fancy hav­ing a wed­ding even if you haven’t (yet) found the man of your dreams? In which coun­try can you find a travel agency that or­ga­nizes solo wed­dings for sin­gle women – with your wed­ding dress and pho­tos in­cluded? a) Den­mark b) Brazil c) Ja­pan

No wed­ding would be com­plete with­out lots of sweets. In France and Italy, it is tra­di­tional for the guests to re­ceive five sug­ared al­monds, usu­ally in an elab­o­rate lit­tle sa­chet or box. What five wishes for the new­ly­weds do the al­monds sym­bol­ize? a) Fer­til­ity, hap­pi­ness, wealth,

health and a long life b) Love, fidelity, travel, wealth

and health c) Wealth, joy, feasts, health and


The ne­gafa plays an im­por­tant

in North African wed­dings. Who does this term re­fer to? a) Twelve men who act as the

of­fi­cial wit­nesses b) The male mem­bers of the bride and groom’s fam­i­lies, who ne­go­ti­ate the dowry c) The wed­ding plan­ner, who makes sure the cer­e­mony runs smoothly

It was the wed­ding dress to end all wed­ding dresses. With around 90 me­ters of white satin and 1,500 rhine­stones and pearls, it was so heavy that its de­signer told the bride to eat a large meal be­fore the wed­ding to make sure she had enough strength to carry its weight. Who got mar­ried in this Chris­tian Dior cre­ation? a) An­gelina Jolie b) Lady Di c) Me­la­nia Knauss

Which four things do brides tra­di­tion­ally wear on their wed­ding day in many English-speak­ing coun­tries? a) Some­thing small, some­thing old, some­thing bro­ken, some­thing bor­rowed b) Some­thing old, some­thing new, some­thing bor­rowed, some­thing blue c) Some­thing stolen, some­thing old, some­thing of their grand­mother’s and some­thing yel­low

In 1994, mil­lions of movie­go­ers fell in love with the film Four Wed­dings and a Funeral. Who played the male lead along­side Andie MacDow­ell in this ro­man­tic com­edy? a) Brad Pitt b) Matt Da­mon c) Hugh Grant

At al­most ten by seven me­ters,

Veronese’s The Wed­ding at Cana is one of the largest oil on can­vases ever painted. It con­tains sev­eral un­usual de­tails, but which one is par­tic­u­larly sur­pris­ing? a) The bride and groom are seated at one end of the table rather than in the mid­dle. b) The groom is seated be­tween

two brides. c) The bride has fallen asleep

dur­ing the feast.

What do brides in Ti­bet throw

the sky af­ter mak­ing their mar­riage vows? a) A dove b) Yoghurt c) A mul­ti­coloured rib­bon 10.

What is the name of the wed­ding canopy that the mar­riage cer­e­mony takes place un­der at Jewish wed­dings? a) Chup­pah b) Nid­dah c) Mikveh

Some mar­riages only

a cou­ple of weeks, while oth­ers last a life­time. In 2014, a cou­ple in Canada cel­e­brated a po­ten­tial record with their 80th wed­ding an­niver­sary. What name is given to this an­niver­sary? a) Oak an­niver­sary b) Wool an­niver­sary c) Maple an­niver­sary

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