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1. The An­cient Greeks played a game that used curved sticks and a ball and re­sem­bled which mod­ern-day Olympic team sport?

2. Where does 90 per­cent of Earth’s vol­canic ac­tiv­ity oc­cur?

3. Which Euro­pean coun­try is of­fer­ing an “e-res­i­dency pro­gram” let­ting you reg­is­ter a busi­ness and open a bank ac­count with­out hav­ing to set foot on its soil?

4. Of the hun­dreds of paint­ings Vin­cent van Gogh cre­ated, how many are for­mally recorded as hav­ing been sold dur­ing his life­time?

5. In which coun­try did sci­en­tists re­cently un­earth the re­mains of a gi­ant Arc­tic camel?

6. In 1995, a Dutch­man named Fred Rom­pel­berg reached 268.83 kilo­me­tres per hour on what ve­hi­cle? 7. What red-hot food phe­nom­e­non is mea­sured by the Scov­ille scale?

8. What piano-play­ing star changed his mid­dle name to Her­cules?

9. What Swedish ac­tor-di­rec­tor turned down a Ful­bright schol­ar­ship at MIT in or­der to pur­sue act­ing?

10. What French au­thor wrote, “Be­lieve those who are seek­ing the truth. Doubt those who find it”?

11. Which coun­try has the world’s north­ern­most surf­ing school?

12. What is the thinnest ma­te­rial ever in­vented—only one atom thick yet

stronger than steel?

13. What kind of bulbs caused a 17th­cen­tury mar­ket crash in the Nether­lands?

14. Ratatoskr, a chat­ter­ing, gos­sip­ing scamp in Nordic mythol­ogy, is what kind of animal?

15. Which herb is yummy to most peo­ple but tastes like soap to those with a cer­tain ge­netic vari­a­tion?

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