The Boy with No Eyes

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ONE NIGHT WHEN I WAS TEN, I was wo­ken up by my bed­room door open­ing, fol­lowed by some­one sit­ting on my bed. I felt my leg grazed and the bed sink un­der a per­son’s weight. Think­ing it was my mom, I opened my eyes to see an eye­less boy (he had black empty sock­ets) about my age sit­ting at the foot of my bed. He ex­tended his hand, and in it was a lit­tle box. I was star­tled but reached out. He pulled back. I reached again and said, “Give it.” Then I blinked, and when I re­opened my eyes, he was gone, but the im­print of some­one sit­ting on my bed was present.

Fast-for­ward five years. My girl­friend came over to do home­work. Af­ter she fin­ished, she took a nap while she waited for her par­ents. When they ar­rived, I tried waking her up. She opened her eyes sud­denly, look­ing up at a corner where the wall met the ceil­ing. She pointed there and went back to sleep. I shook her again. She came to full con­scious­ness, and I ex­plained what she’d done. She said, “Up on the wall, I saw a lit­tle boy with no eyes. He was there in a Spi­der-Man pose, star­ing at me.” I freaked out and told her my story about the same kid.

Fast-for­ward an­other five years. I was with the same girl­friend, and we had a two-year-old. We were liv­ing in my par­ents’ house, in my old room. My daugh­ter started waking up at the same time ev­ery night, and she’d talk. Af­ter a while, I no­ticed she had al­most the same con­ver­sa­tion ev­ery night. I play­fully asked her once whom she was talk­ing to. She said, “It’s a lit­tle boy. He’s nice. He’s lost and look­ing for his mommy.” My daugh­ter’s nightly con­ver­sa­tions con­tin­ued un­til we got our own place later that year.

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