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Their house­mates may not be amused, but at least th­ese

memos make funny read­ing for the rest of us: Dear Gary, i have been feel­ing re­ally dirty lately. Please do me.

Love, Dishes.

“Do NOT sleep in my bed. I will be able to tell, and I will be [an­gry]. I respect your stuff, so please respect mine. And if you think this note is

weird, I think it’s even weirder that you’re in here to be­gin with.”

Thanks for adding that saliva fla­vor to my dough­nut. I re­ally needed it.

“Dear­est House­mates, I put my name on things in the fridge in the hope that no one else will eat/drink them. So, if you thought the lemon­ade tasted like cat’s wee, you’d be right. I’m sure you

won’t make the same mis­take again.”

Dishes are like boyfriends. Your room­mate shouldn t be do­ing yours!

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