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End­ings like -ism (“be­lief”), -ma­nia (“ob­ses­sion”), and -pho­bia (“fear”) can tell you a lot about a word’s mean­ing. As you nav­i­gate this month’s quiz, pay close at­ten­tion to the suf­fix of each term for help­ful clues.

At your wit’s end? Turn the page for an­swers. 1. cryp­tol­ogy (krip-'tah-luh-jee) n.—A: raid­ing of tombs. B: se­ries of puz­zles. C: study of codes.

2. em­pa­thetic (em-puh-'theh-tik) adj.—A: show­ing un­der­stand­ing or sen­si­tiv­ity. B: sad. C: numb.

3. ovoid ('oh-voyd) adj.— A: egg-shaped. B: empty. C: pas­sion­ate.

4. de­ify ('dee-uh-fiy) v.—A: treat as a god. B: bring back to life. C: dis­re­gard.

5. per­spi­ca­cious (puhr-spuh'kay-shuhs) adj.—A: finicky. B: of acute men­tal vi­sion. C: for­tu­nate or lucky.

6. in­dige­nous (in-'dih-juh-nuhs) adj.—A: poor. B: na­tive. C: mixed.

7. her­bi­cide ('er-buh-siyd) n.—

A: green­house. B: skin lo­tion. C: agent used to in­hibit or kill plant growth.

8. pachy­derm ('pa-kih-duhrm) n.—A: ele­phant. B: jel­ly­fish. C: but­ter­fly.

9. Kafkaesque (kahf-kuh-'esk) adj.—A: night­mar­ishly com­plex. B: gi­gan­tic. C: left-wing.

10. at­ro­phy ('a-truh-fee) v.— A: waste away. B: win a prize. C: speak out against.

11. knav­ish ('nay-vish) adj.— A: sticky. B: sharply honed. C: de­ceit­ful or dis­hon­est.

12. legalese (lee-guh-'leez) n.— A: pas­sage of laws. B: strict rules. C: le­gal lan­guage.

13. pa­tri­arch ('pay-tree-ark) n.— A: Ro­man vault. B: father fig­ure. C: home­land.

14. ob­so­les­cent (ob-soh-'leh-sent) adj.—A: teenage. B: quite fat. C: go­ing out of use.

15. so­lar­ium (soh-'lar-ee-uhm) n.—A: sun­room. B: pri­vate nook. C: an­swer to a prob­lem.

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