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1. cryp­tol­ogy—[C] study of codes (-ol­ogy = “study”). The Enigma code was cracked by aces in cryp­tol­ogy.

2. em­pa­thetic—[A] show­ing un­der­stand­ing or sen­si­tiv­ity (-pa­thy = “feel­ing”). Do you think women are more em­pa­thetic than men?

3. ovoid—[A] egg-shaped (-oid = “re­sem­bling”). Jay’s ovoid physique made him a shoo-in for the role of Fal­staff.

4. de­ify—[A] treat as a god (-fy = “make into”). First we de­ify pop stars, then we tear them down.

5. per­spi­ca­cious—[B] of acute men­tal vi­sion (-acious = “with a qual­ity of”). She’s too per­spi­ca­cious to fall for their hoax.

6. in­dige­nous—

[B] na­tive (-genous = “pro­duc­ing”). The pro­test­ers ar­gued that chem­i­cal test­ing would dis­rupt the is­land’s in­dige­nous species.

7. her­bi­cide—

[C] agent used to in­hibit or kill plant growth (-cide = “killing”). Mother Na­ture is not fond of lawn her­bi­cides. 8. pachy­derm—[A] ele­phant (-derm = “skin”). Car­toon­ist Thomas Nast drew the first Repub­li­can pachy­derm.

9. Kafkaesque—[A] night­mar­ishly com­plex (-es­que = “re­sem­bling”). Get­ting my pass­port back in­volved a Kafkaesque maze of bu­reau­cra­cies.

10. at­ro­phy—[A] waste away (-tro­phy = “nour­ish­ment”). With­out re­hab, Ali­son’s knee will at­ro­phy.

11. knav­ish—[C] de­ceit­ful or dis­hon­est (-ish = “like”). OK, who’s the knav­ish sneak who swiped my drink?

12. legalese—[C] le­gal lan­guage (-ese = “lan­guage style”). Please, cut the legalese and speak plain Eng­lish. 13. pa­tri­arch—[B] father fig­ure (-arch = “chief”). That loud­mouth is the pa­tri­arch of all spin doc­tors.

14. ob­so­les­cent— [C] go­ing out of use (-es­cent = “be­com­ing”). Our land­line is now ob­so­les­cent.

15. so­lar­ium—

[A] sun­room (-ar­ium = “place”). Let us re­tire to my so­lar­ium for a lit­tle more in­spi­ra­tion.


9 & be­low: lin­guist 10–12: wor­da­holic 13–15: brainiac

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