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Just last week, my eight-yearold daugh­ter rolled over in my bed, where she’d fallen asleep, and said, “Mmm ... I want pizza.” (Pause) “And a beer.” I nearly fell out of bed laugh­ing.

My wife told me last month that while I was sleep­ing, I said, “Set the bur­rito trap.”

My mom told me I’d once said, “Don’t go to that party, R2. They have spaghetti. It’ll mess up your cir­cuits.”

My dad was com­ing out of surgery. He sat up, pointed at my mom, and said, “Af­ter I get rid of her, I am go­ing to clown school.” He then lay down and went back to sleep.

I said to my fi­ancé in my sleep, “I love you be­cause you have such long an­ten­nae.”

I once told my ex I had to push the plants deeper into the plant pots, while si­mul­ta­ne­ously push­ing her out of bed with both hands.

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