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Reader's Digest International - - Front Page - BY EMILY COX & HENRY RATHVON

We’re count­ing on you to fig­ure out these use­ful words about num­bers, amounts, and mea­sure­ments. Hav­ing trou­ble

putting two and two to­gether? Turn the page for an­swers. 1. fourscore ('fohr-skohr) adj.— A: six­teen. B: forty. C: eighty.

2. tab­u­late ('ta-byuh-layt) v.—

A: rank by weight and height. B: count or ar­range sys­tem­at­i­cally. C: in­dent a col­umn.

3. co­pi­ous ('coh-pee-uhss) adj.— A: plen­ti­ful. B: scanty. C: care­fully re­pro­duced.

4. gross (grohss) n.—A: twelve dozen. B: 51 per­cent. C: two bushels.

5. ag­gre­gate ('a-grih-get) adj.— A: in­creas­ing ex­po­nen­tially. B: amount­ing to a whole. C: left over as a frac­tion.

6. googol ('goo-gaul) n.—

A: neg­a­tive num­ber. B: value of pi. C: 1 fol­lowed by 100 ze­ros.

7. paucity ('paw-sih-tee) n.— A: over­abun­dance. B: short­age. C: av­er­age.

8. myr­iad ('meer-ee-uhd) adj.— A: very heavy. B: im­mea­sur­ably small. C: count­less.

9. troika ('troy-kuh) n.—

A: num­bered wheel. B: group of three. C: an­cient cal­cu­la­tor.

10. cal­i­brate ('ka-luh-brayt) v.— A: ad­just ac­cord­ing to a stan­dard. B: di­vide into equal parts.

C: gain heat.

11. man­i­fold ('man-uh-fold) adj.—A: di­verse. B: dwin­dling. C: dou­bled.

12. quota ('kwoh-tuh) n.—

A: es­ti­mated profit. B: bot­tom line. C: pre­set per­cent­age.

13. brace (brayss) n.—A: pair. B: trio. C: quar­tet.

14. ci­pher ('sy-fer) n.—

A: zero. B: ex­po­nent. C: equal pro­por­tion.

15. cubed (ky­oobd) adj.— A: tripled. B: cut into thirds. C: mul­ti­plied by it­self twice.

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