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1. NASA’s mis­sion to look for earth­like plan­ets in other so­lar sys­tems is named for what Ger­man as­tronomer?

2. What meat is fea­tured in the “tan­doori” and “but­ter” dishes that are said to have orig­i­nated at the Moti Ma­hal restau­rant in New Delhi?

3. In the Harry Pot­ter uni­verse, what an­i­mal is the mas­cot of Gryffindor?

4. Dick Cheney is a fan of what Broad­way mu­si­cal about an­other Amer­i­can vice-pres­i­dent?

5. In the or­der of the pe­ri­odic ta­ble, which is the first el­e­ment with an of­fi­cial ab­bre­vi­a­tion that also hap­pens to be a valid

Ro­man nu­meral?

6. In a 100-me­ter dash, Usain Bolt would need a 60-me­tre head start to win against which mam­mal?

7. In Find­ing Nev­er­land, Johnny Depp played J.M. Bar­rie, who cre­ated what fic­tional age­less boy? 8. Dur­ing the Chi­nese Cul­tural Rev­o­lu­tion, which political leader’s teach­ings were cred­ited with help­ing farm­ers fat­ten pigs?

9. Lord Byron had the same given name as a cur­rent Bri­tish prince. What was it?

10. Rosie’s Bar was an ac­tual bar in Seoul that was pop­u­lar with Amer­i­can ser­vice­men dur­ing the Korean War. It in­spired the fic­tional Rosie’s Bar on what TV show?

11. What fic­tional jazz-age char­ac­ter was played by Robert Red­ford in 1974

and Leonardo DiCaprio in 2013?

12. Two ob­jects get thrown in the hep­tathlon. One is the javelin. What is the other?

13. What tennis player wrote a bi­og­ra­phy called You Can­not Be Se­ri­ous, named for his words to a Wim­ble­don um­pire?

14. What fluid car­ries oxy­gen into the body’s cells?

15. Which coun­try’s gov­ern­ment had to close the pa­le­olithic Las­caux cave paint­ings

to visi­tors be­cause their breath and sweat was dam­ag­ing the art?

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