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As early adopters, true street style stars aren’t afraid to shock or tread on new ter­ri­tory when a style still seems strange and un­fa­mil­iar to the eye— such as when wide- leg cuts sud­denly re­placed long- favoured skin­nies. Or when midi lengths took over from minis; or from plat­forms to sin­gle sole to flats and round again. It’s the dar­ing street style maven who is will­ing to take the risk that of­ten de­liv­ers a trend from bizarre to de rigueur. Whether it’s a new sil­hou­ette, colour com­bi­na­tion or lay­er­ing tech­nique, street style stars are re- imag­in­ing and rein­vent­ing what works. This sea­son, our bet is on ( faux) face pierc­ings, as seen at Givenchy and Acne, as the new state­ment It ac­ces­sory ( ear­lobes are so 2014). Mega im­pact that can be worn now well through next sea­son, fa­cial jew­ellery is sure to gar­ner at­ten­tion. Go the faux route and there’s lit­tle com­mit­ment or ex­pense, per­fect for when you’re ready to jump on to the next ac­ces­sory.

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