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Ihave al­ways said that the best way to per­form great at your job is to en­joy it to the fullest. There are a lot of de­mands put on truck drivers in the cur­rent times and some­times it can be hard to find the joy in a tough day on the high­ways, but there are ways to do it. The smart drivers have fig­ured this out and many en­joy the job and sights at the same time. How many drivers have you seen with recre­ational equip­ment on the back of their trucks? Many drivers carry bi­cy­cles, ski equip­ment, roller blades and many other types of their favourite items to en­joy the des­ti­na­tion that they are trav­el­ing to. That’s half the bat­tle of en­joy­ing the job.

I re­mem­ber fill­ing my truck up at the fuel bar early in my ca­reer and watch­ing one of my fel­low drivers load­ing his truck up with per­sonal ef­fects from his car. He was putting skis in the truck and roller blades so I asked him if he was go­ing to work or go­ing on va­ca­tion? He said was head­ing out West and had things he wanted to do on his time off out there. To me it seemed like he was go­ing on va­ca­tion.

Think about this, to go on a va­ca­tion out­side of truck­ing you have to spend money on flights or gas, book ho­tel rooms, rent items that you may not be able to bring with you, and go back to work and try to make up time off wages. With truck­ing you get a ve­hi­cle to go with, your fuel is paid, you al­ready have your sleep­ing quar­ters, you can take your favourite items with you, and you get paid to go there. You’re get­ting paid to go on va­ca­tion. How awe­some is that?

As a driver you have it even bet­ter, es­pe­cially if you are from Canada or the North­ern United States. We have sea­sons and one of the most beau­ti­ful sea­sons around is fall. Don’t get me wrong I love driv­ing down South es­pe­cially in the win­ter when it is cold and snowy up North, but fall has to be one of my favourite sea­sons. If your route takes you south of Indiana you pos­si­bly may be miss­ing some of the best drives around. If you talk to peo­ple that live in the South they gloat about the lack of snow and sit­ting out on win­ter nights, but many say they have never ex­pe­ri­enced the beauty of the sea­sons or the colours of fall. That is some­thing that drivers run­ning north get to take in mak­ing their job one of the best in the world.

The fall colour spec­ta­cle be­gins in mid Septem­ber to the end of Oc­to­ber de­pend­ing on where you are in North Amer­ica. The far­ther North or East you are, the ear­lier the sea­son starts. Some of my favourite ar­eas in On­tario are the Ot­tawa re­gion, the Parry Sound Re­gion, and the Water­loo area. If you drive to the United States then it may be worth your while to re­quest a load to Mas­sachusetts, New Hamp­shire, or Maine to ex­pe­ri­ence the beauty of the sea­son.

How do you en­joy fall other than driv­ing? As men­tioned ear­lier you get paid to drive through some of the most beau­ti­ful coun­try around so take ad­van­tage of it. Carry a cam­era, sketch­book, or recre­ational items like bi­cy­cles, roller blades, or a good pair of walk­ing shoes to cap­ture the beauty of the sea­son. Trip plan to give your­self time to get out of the truck and en­joy cer­tain spots where you can park the truck safely and take a walk. Make a plan to share that beauty with your fam­ily and friends by mak­ing a goal to post one new pic­ture a day on your so­cial me­dia pro­files show­ing off the beauty of your trips.

Truck­ing has so many ben­e­fits that many other jobs don’t have. Think about the per­son work­ing in a fac­tory with no win­dows and doesn’t go past the edge of town. Think about what they are miss­ing? So take full ad­van­tage of the po­si­tion you hold. You have a unique ben­e­fit to your job that many oth­ers don’t have. The best thing is that your “corner of­fice” not only has a win­dow, but some of the best scenery in the world. En­joy it and Happy Thanks­giv­ing!

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