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One of the most im­por­tant rules for safe driv­ing in the win­ter is to be pre­pared. Even if you’re tak­ing pre­cau­tions, you may still spin out or get stuck in the snow so it’s im­por­tant to be pre­pared to han­dle any sit­u­a­tion. Be sure to take sup­plies on the road in case of an emer­gency, in­clud­ing the fol­low­ing: 4Charged cell phone 4 Ice scraper, snow brush, flash­light, ex­tra blan­kets 4Hat, gloves/mitts and ex­tra cloth­ing 4Canned food (and a can opener), en­ergy bars 4 Safety flares or warn­ing lights, wa­ter­proof matches 4Med­i­ca­tion (if you need it) and a first aid kit 4Paper tow­els or cloth, re­flec­tive vest 4Ex­tra wind­shield washer fluid and lock de-icer

Some things you may not have thought of in­clude...

Can­dles, Matches and a Tin Can -

only give you light, but they also raise the tem­per­a­ture in­side the cab a few de­grees. You can use a tin can as a holder for the can­dle. Old, Heavy Socks - Socks can be used as mitts, win­dow clean­ers, draft block­ers, and of course, ex­tra socks for your chilly feet if you need them. Throw a few heavy ones in a box and keep them in the trunk. Kitty Lit­ter - Kitty lit­ter is a great trac­tion aid. Throw a few hand­fuls un­der the drive wheels on an icy road to help you get mov­ing. Col­lapsi­ble Shovel - Many col­lapsi­ble shov­els fea­ture graphite blades and fold­ing or tele­scop­ing han­dles. Some are quite sturdy, as well as be­ing light. Shov­els like these aren’t go­ing to move ice­bergs, but they’ll clear snow from your wheels, so you can get go­ing a lit­tle more eas­ily. Lip Balm - Chapped lips are an­noy­ing and dis­tract­ing. Hav­ing some lip balm on hand dur­ing the win­ter makes a big dif­fer­ence if you’ve been out in the wind.

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