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To­day the TV is switched to PBS, re­runs of na­ture ad­ven­tures. Mary cheats in crib and pegs early over the skunk line. Wheel­ing the gar­den path, Fletcher blows smoke rings at glossy star­lings. Ma­bel is for­got­ten at crafts and cuts with scis­sors ev­ery curl that strays. On the ta­ble, asters edge to­ward de­cay in a blue plas­tic vase. Down the hall, Flora has mis­taken Wal­ter for her late hus­band again. PBS says bi­o­lu­mi­nes­cent lantern fish can be spot­ted from 100 feet away. Ida shoos away flies where they land on the droop­ing brim of her straw sun hat. He­len sits alone by the win­dow, watch­ing two crabap­ple trees cede to codling moth. PBS says at the time of a host in­sect’s death, the ne­ma­todes within glow ul­tra­ma­rine in the dark. Sci­en­tists re­main un­cer­tain: is this a lure? Or like carving into fur­rowed bark, we were here.

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