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Kin­dling to be made, a grow­ing mound of del­i­cates aching to be cleaned with my care­less hands.

I make lists, be­gin­ning al­ways:

1) Make list.

Last week, I made my way to

3) Book apt w/ vet be­fore the day came un­done so to­day I 1) Make list

2) Shower

3) Drink wa­ter

4) take the or­ange leash off its hook and tell de­li­cious lies to my best friend.

I joke with the surly vet.

Could he put a mi­crochip in me? My house keys and my Visa’s pin in me, at least—

I don’t care about my pri­vacy, too tired from con­stantly search­ing. Be­sides, I’m not that in­ter­est­ing.

Try­ing to dif­fuse the guilt,

To apol­o­gize to the wet trust in the eyes of my friend. I can’t ex­plain to him it’s dark out these days and I don’t want to lose him.

Vet grabs him by the loose skin on his neck and when the chip goes in, it’s pass­ing through a nee­dle.

His eyes widen slightly, then

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