Train­ing for Mind­ful Aware­ness

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1. Set a timer for 10 min­utes.

2. Sit in your chair with a straight back and re­laxed neck, shoul­ders and arms. Close your eyes and breathe through your nose.

3. For a minute, direct your full at­ten­tion to­wards your breath­ing. Sim­ply ob­serve your breath neu­trally. Don’t try to con­trol it. Al­low your mind to sta­bi­lize and set­tle.

4. Now, let go of your at­ten­tion to your breath and open your aware­ness to what­ever arises — a sound, a thought, a phys­i­cal sen­sa­tion or any­thing else. Just be aware of it.

5. Ob­serve it neu­trally. Don’t think about it. Don’t en­gage with it. Don’t try to make it stay or go away. Sim­ply ob­serve it.

6. New ex­pe­ri­ences will arise, change or fade away. What­ever oc­curs in your aware­ness, just be aware of it.

7. If you find it chal­leng­ing to ob­serve with­out en­gag­ing your ex­pe­ri­ences, give the ex­pe­ri­ence a la­bel — for ex­am­ple, thought, email, task — and let it go.

8. If you find you get caught up in think­ing about and an­a­lyz­ing your ex­pe­ri­ences, re­turn your fo­cus to your breath. Then open your aware­ness again.

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