Fine lines and grey­ing hair aren’t the only bat­tles to be fought in the race against the clock. Add th­ese three tac­tics to your beauty arsenal and you won’t just look younger, you’ ll feel younger, too. Jayne Ash­ley Heaton re­ports

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menopause, af­ter can­cer treat­ments had be­gun the process pre­ma­turely. The sys­tem’s aim was to re­store the skin, hair, and nails from the in­side out by re­plen­ish­ing the body of nec­es­sary build­ing blocks so that it can bet­ter take care of it­self. But af­ter tak­ing the sup­ple­ments, many of Fen­nell’s other menopausal pa­tients no­ticed im­prove­ments in their ap­pear­ance as well as ben­e­fi­cial side ef­fects like height­ened en­ergy, less­ened hot flashes and more. “We didn’t set out to af­fect the body’s hor­mones,” says Fen­nell. “But my guess would be that if menopausal symp­toms were at all re­lated to, or wors­ened by im­bal­ances in hy­dra­tion lev­els or pro­tein in­take, etc., then by giv­ing the body what it needs it’s sim­ply bet­ter equipped to han­dle [many of its] pro­cesses.” age­


When Dr. Liza Eg­bo­gah—a jet-set­ting chi­ro­prac­tic doc­tor with a ros­ter of celebrity clients—in­formed me that a knot­ted di­gas­tric mus­cle (lo­cated un­der the jaw, and used to chew) or a tight hip flexor—can add years and pounds to our ap­pear­ance and rob us of a youth­ful glow, I was ready for a fix. Dr. Eg­bo­gah opened her chic down­town Toronto chi­ro­prac­tic clinic, the[fix], seven years ago. “Pa­tients would come in and say ‘Yes, I have back pain—but it’s mak­ing me look old,’ or ‘I’m get­ting more wrin­kles now that I have th­ese headaches,’” she says. Which is where her four cos­metic pro­to­cols—The Facelift, The Tummy Tuck, The Neck Slim, and The Anti-Grav­ity—come in. The treat­ments use a com­bi­na­tion of stretch­ing, mas­sage, ad­just­ments and my­ofas­cial re­lease tech­niques to im­prove pos­ture, in­crease blood flow (hello, glow!), flat­ten the tummy, slim the face, elon­gate the neck, and more. And while a pre­scrip­tion of stretches will help main­tain the ef­fects, re­sults are seen in­stantly, which is why you’ll find Dr. Eg­bo­gah work­ing her magic be­hind the scenes at the Academy Awards, TIFF, and even on the Olympic stage.

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