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Ex­otic woods such as teak, rose­wood, ma­hogany, ebony and oth­ers are peren­ni­ally in de­mand due to their beauty and dura­bil­ity. If you’re think­ing of us­ing one type or an­other for your floors or fur­ni­ture, here’s what you need to know.

Solid wood and ve­neers

The dis­tinc­tive grain and vein­ing of ex­otic species make at­trac­tive and long-last­ing floors and fur­ni­ture. How­ever, solid pieces of these types of wood can be very ex­pen­sive. If you want the beauty with­out the high price tag, look to ve­neers; thin lay­ers of your cho­sen wood glued to planks of par­ti­cle­board or sim­i­lar types of ma­te­ri­als.

Mois­ture lev­els

Be­cause wood is a liv­ing ma­te­rial, it’s sen­si­tive to vary­ing tem­per­a­ture and hu­mid­ity lev­els in the en­v­i­ron- ment. To avoid it swelling and shrink­ing ev­ery time the weather changes, look for wood that has a hu­mid­ity level of around eight per cent. It’s best to work with rep­utable busi­nesses that you can be sure will sell you high qual­ity prod­ucts.

Dis­cover ex­otic wood

Here are some of the less com­monly known ex­otic wood species avail­able:

– Ja­toba: also known as Brazil­ian cherry, this is one of the hard­est woods in the world, mak­ing it a good choice for floors. Over time, its colour changes from salmon red to deep red­dish-brown.

– Ipe: this dense wood is in­cred­i­bly durable and good for out­door projects like pa­tios or fur­ni­ture. Its colour ranges from red­dish to olive brown, and can be very light or very dark, depend­ing on the piece.

– Padauk: This African wood is rot-re­sis­tant, mak­ing it an­other good choice for out­door projects. Be­cause of its beau­ti­ful red to deep red­dish-brown colour, it’s also used for spe­cialty ob­jects like mu­si­cal in­stru­ments.

– Pur­ple­heart: also called ama­ranth, this wood starts out pale grey, and turns a dark eg­g­plant hue when ex­posed to nat­u­ral light. It’s a good choice for fur­ni­ture and ac­cent pieces.

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