Think of planet like a green­house

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I think Larry Roos­dahl is on the right path with his ex­pla­na­tion of global warm­ing in his let­ter “Car­bon diox­ide vs. Mother Na­ture.”

How­ever, there are a cou­ple of items he hasn’t fac­tored in.

The green­house is a good anal­ogy.

The at­mos­phere does for earth what the glass does for the green­house. It lets light in and blocks some heat from leav­ing.

If you mess with the del­i­cate bal­ance of gases in the at­mos­phere there are bound to be some con­se­quences.

I don’t pre­tend to be an ex­pert, but my un­der­stand­ing is that the fos­sil fuel in the ground is com­plex hy­dro­car­bons cre­ated by the pho­to­syn­the­sis process Roos­dahl ex­plained.

Ap­par­ently fos­sil fu­els are a cul­mi­na­tion of thou­sands if not mil­lions of years of stored up en­ergy from the sun.

Now given that a daily dose of sun­shine will take the chill off the air in a green­house, what would the ef­fect be if we added a few thou­sand years of sun­shine to that green­house all at once?

Much like we are do­ing to the earth with the burn­ing of fos­sil fu­els.

I’m think­ing Roos­dahl has a lim­ited un­der­stand­ing of global warm­ing.

Mur­ray Marien, Saska­toon

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