Car­bon tax is nec­es­sary

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Re: Moe’s com­men­tary on green­house gas emis­sions is­sue (SP, Aug. 2)

Pre­mier Moe re­cently asked for “col­le­gial” dis­cus­sion on the is­sue of re­duc­ing green­house gas emis­sions. At the same time he de­clares the pro­posed fed­eral car­bon tax as a “poi­son” and un­con­sti­tu­tional.

Pre­mier Moe’s alternatives in re­duc­ing green­house gases re­lies heav­ily on pas­sive cir­cum­stance in­her­ent in his “Prairie Re­silience” plat­form. For ex­am­ple, car­bon se­ques­tra­tion by means of zero-till agri­cul­ture and car­bon stored in Saskatchewan’s north­ern forests as well as ura­nium ex­ports to other coun­tries count only marginally in ef­forts to re­cuse ex­ist­ing high lev­els of emis­sions in the prov­ince.

Pre­mier Moe also makes ref­er­ence to the Bound­ary Dam bil­lion-dol­lar car­bon cap­ture fa­cil­ity.

This pro­ject, al­though it does have some merit, nev­er­the­less is an ex­pen­sive and ul­ti­mately self­de­feat­ing re­sponse as it re­quires the con­tin­ued use and ex­pan­sion of fos­sil fuel re­sources.

We need al­ter­na­tive mod­els that ren­der fos­sil en­ergy less and less nec­es­sary over a rea­son­able time pe­riod.

We also need a more proac­tive pol­icy that would make pos­si­ble achiev­ing the Paris Cli­mate Ac­cord goal of lim­it­ing the global tem­per­a­ture in­crease to 1.5 de­grees Cel­sius.

A car­bon tax is an ef­fec­tive, and trans­par­ent method (how­ever in­con­ve­nient and un­pop­u­lar it may be) to re­duce these emis­sions as part of a local and global strat­egy.

Global warm­ing is a cri­sis that needs to be dealt with as a cri­sis.

Paul Sop­uck, Saska­toon


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