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Spare tires and wheels may come in full-size ver­sions ( the same tire size as is used on the car) or as a " mini-spare", a com­pact tire and wheel as­sem­bly that con­serves stor­age space.

Many cars are equipped with tem­po­rary spare tires and wheels, which are no­tice­ably dif­fer­ent from reg­u­lar tires and wheels. Some re­quire higher in­fla- tion pres­sure, or the use of a pres­sur­ized can­is­ter to in­flate the tire.

Check the air pres­sure in your spare tire when­ever you check tire pres­sure. There’s noth­ing more an­noy­ing than a flat spare when you have a flat tire. It is also a wise idea to be­come fa­mil­iar with chang­ing a tire on your car, be­fore you have to.

Ac­quaint your­self with the lo­ca­tion of the jack and its han­dle, where the jack is sup­posed to con­tact the ve­hi­cle when rais­ing it, the lug wrench, the lo­ca­tion of the key for the wheel locks ( if equipped), and how to ac­cess the spare tire. Too of­ten, mo­torists are sur­prised to find es­sen­tial tire-chang­ing tools dam­aged or miss­ing. It is a good idea to make a prac­tice run at chang­ing a tire, so you’re on top of things when your car has a real flat.

If your car has a tem­po­rary spare, drive your car within the lim­its spec­i­fied on the tire's side­wall, or un­til it is con­ve­nient to re­pair the dis­abled tire or re­place it with one of the same size and construction as the other tires on your car.

Al­ways check your car’s owner's man­ual and the tire side­wall for in­struc­tions on proper use of a tem­po­rary spare. ( Car Care Canada)

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