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Check brake fluid monthly.

First, wipe dirt from the brake mas­ter cylin­der reser­voir lid. Pry off the re­tainer clip and re­move the lid or un­screw plas­tic lid, de­pend­ing on which type your ve­hi­cle has. If you need fluid, add the ap­proved type and check for pos­si­ble leaks through­out the sys­tem. Fill to mark on reser­voir. Cau­tion: Do not over­fill.

When top­ping off, use some wind­shield washer fluid on a rag to clean off the wiper blades. In win­ter months, pay at­ten­tion to the freez­ing point of the washer fluid.

Keep wind­shield washer fluid reser­voir full.

Use ex­treme cau­tion when han­dling a bat­tery since

it can pro­duce ex­plo­sive gases.

Do not smoke, cre­ate a spark or light a match near a bat­tery and al­ways wear pro­tec­tive glasses and gloves. Have it checked with ev­ery oil change. Ca­bles should be at­tached se­curely and be free of cor­ro­sion. If bat­tery has filler holes, add only clear, odour­less drink­ing wa­ter.

Check power steer­ing fluid level once per month.

Sim­ply re­move the reser­voir dip­stick. If the level is down, add fluid and in­spect the pump and hoses for leaks.

In­spect wind­shield wiper blades when­ever you clean your wind­shield.

Do not wait un­til rub­ber is worn or brit­tle to re­place them. Wiper blades should be re­placed at least once per year, and more of­ten if smear­ing or chat­ter­ing oc­curs.

Be sure all your lights are clean and work­ing,

in­clud­ing brake lights, turn sig­nals and emer­gency flash­ers. Keep spare bulbs and fuses in your ve­hi­cle.

Keep tires in­flated to rec­om­mend-

ed pres­sure

( it helps to own your own gauge). Check for cuts, bulges and ex­ces­sive tread wear. Un­even wear in­di­cates tires are mis­aligned or out of bal­ance. Keep a record of tire ro­ta­tion.

Look for signs of oil seep­age on shock ab­sorbers

Test shock action by bounc­ing the car up and down. The car should stop bounc­ing when you step back. Worn or leak­ing shocks should be re­placed. Al­ways re­place shock ab­sorbers in pairs.

Look un­der­neath for loose or bro­ken ex­haust clamps and sup­ports.

Check for holes in muf­fler or pipes. Re­place rusted or dam­aged parts. Have emis­sion checked at least once per year for com­pli­ance with lo­cal laws.

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