The age of ac­count­abil­ity

Seaway News - - EDITORIAL& OPINIONS - Raven Van Leishout, Corn­wall

Dear Edi­tor,

One by one, each beau­ro­c­racy will meet up with an ever more pow­er­ful foe - ac­count­abil­ity. in the first many decades of the In­dus­trial age, com­pa­nies were not held re­spon­si­ble for the health or even the deaths of their em­ploy­ees.

Churches are be­ing held ac­count­able. Now BP is be­ing held ac­count­able for it’s oil spill. For­mer em­ploy­ees are do­ing ev­ery­thing pos­si­ble to es­cape pen­sion plans.

Open­ing up the arc­tic to in­dus­try could re­sult in po­lu­tion like this worl has never seen be­fore. Who will be ac­count­able? It is es­ti­mated that any prob­lems up there will cost 3 to 4 times more to clean up.

The num­ber one foe of beau­ro­c­ra­cies is wish­ing to tap the arc­tic is ac­count­abil­ity. If we are to care for this planet, we need ac­count­abil­ity.

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