Sears wins the MrDIRT­car Sports­man race

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The Corn­wall Mo­tor Speedway was host of the MrDIRT­car Sports­man Se­ries with a 30lap fea­ture event along with a com­plete race pro­gram in the Mod­i­fied, Pro-Stock and Mini-Stock cat­e­gories. The Semi-Pros had an evening off. This great night of rac­ing was spon­sored by Goodyear and Ben­son Auto Parts.

In the 30-lap MrDIRT­car Sports­man Se­ries, a field of 31 cars took the ini­tial green as Timmy Sears Jr. led the way when 3 cars spun out in turn 1 and cau­tion came out. Sears kept the lead with Steve Gray and Chris Raabe run­ning sec­ond and third as Travis Back went out the track in turn 3 and cau­tion came out on lap 2. Sears had a good jump on the restart when Gray, se­ries points leader spun out and had to go back to the field as cau­tion came out on lap 3. Sears had an­other good start and led an­other lap and cau­tion came out for Loren Lin­coln. Sears still in front with a 3-way bat­tle for sec­ond be­tween Raabe, Chris Her­bi­son and Justin Wright as Jenna David lost con­trol in the back­stretch on lap 9 and the yel­low flag was waved. On the green, Sears kept the lead over Raabe but the field had to slow down 2 laps later. Sears was able to re­sist at a charge of Raabe on the restart as Chris Her­bi­son was fol­low­ing closely. Sears built him­self a good lead over the field as he got into heavy traf­fic while Raabe had to de­fend against to Her­bi­son with 20 laps down. Cau­tion came out for Jenna David with 7 laps to go. Sears still the leader with Chris Raabe and Randy Earl get­ting to­gether and yel­low was out with only 5 laps to go. Sears still in front with Her­bi­son run­ning strong in sec­ond when Don­nie Law­son stopped with 26 laps down and cau­tion came out. The two lead­ers were run­ning side by side as a few cars got to­gether with only 2 laps to go. Sears led an­other lap but Jenna David stopped in turn 3 and cau­tion was out. In the fi­nal dash, Sears was able to keep the lead and won the fea­ture over Her­bi­son, Ryan Su­sice, Wright and Steve Bernier com­pleted the top 5. Steve Gray, Chris Raabe, Justin Wright and Randy Earl had won the heats.

Luke Whit­teker grabbed the lead in the 30-lap Mod­i­fied fea­ture race with Carey Ter­rance run­ning strong in sec­ond. Ter­rance got close to Whit­teker with 5 laps down. Ter­rance was able to pass Whit­teker on lap 7 as Gage Morin spun out in turn 2 on the next lap. Ter­rance had a great jump with Brian McDon­ald now rac­ing in third spot. Danny O’Brien seemed to be the fastest car on the track as he passed McDon­ald and Ter­rance to grab the lead on lap 15. O’Brien pulled away from the rest of the field as the top 5 were spread apart on the track with 10 laps to go. Ron Valade went off the track in turn 4 and cau­tion came on lap 23. Ter­rance got a good start and re­gained the lead over O’Brien. Joel Do­iron brought the yel­low with 4 laps to go. Danny O’Brien got the lead but went into the in­field as his car broke and Ter­rance was now back in front as the cau­tion came out on lap 27. Ter­rance led the fi­nal laps to win the fea­ture race over Lau­rent Ladouceur, Whit­teker, Lee Ladouceur and Tim O’Brien, com­plet­ing the top 5. Ter­rance had a per­fect night win­ning his heat, Kyle Ding­wall won the other.

Ryan Stabler took the early lead in the 20- lap Pro-Stock fea­ture race over Ricky Thomp­son and PJ Peters. Thomp­son took the lead when Stabler rolled over and the red flag came out on lap 4. Thomp­son kept the first spot with Ge­orge Re­naud now sec­ond and Dave Bis­son­nette in third. The top 5 cars were run­ning to­gether with 5 laps to go with Louie Jack­son in bat­tle with Bis­son­nette for the third spot. Re­naud spun out and cau­tion came with one lap to go. Thomp­son led the fi­nal laps with Corey Wheeler mak­ing a big jump and fin­ished sec­ond with Dave Bis­son­nette com­pleted the top 3.

In the 12-lap Mini-Stock fea­ture, David Seguin led the first lap with Martin Bernard tak­ing over the lead on the next lap in the back­stretch. The cau­tion came out on lap 5 for Ron­nie Tyo. Bernard stayed in front but spun out in the back shoot and Ben Nurse is the new leader as cau­tion came out. Nurse led an­other lap when an­other car slowed in turn 2 and the yel­low was out. On the restart, Nurse had com­pany with Mike Gaucher as Ron­nie Tyo was strong and took third with 2 laps to go. Tyo seemed to be the fastest car on the track and passed Gaucher for sec­ond and didn’t have enough for Nurse as they were nose to nose at the flag­stand. Nurse won his first fea­ture of the year.

The show of the year is al­ready at our doors with the World of Out­laws Late Mod­els Se­ries in town for 50 laps of rac­ing ac­tion with more than $75,000 in purse money and $10,000 go­ing to the win­ner. Come and see the stars and cars of that se­ries with 2-time Corn­wall win­ner Josh Richards lead­ing the way with Tim McCreadie, Dar­rell Lani­gan, Steve Francis, Tim Fuller, Austin Hub­bard, Rick Eck­ert, Brady Smith, Shane Clanton, Chub Frank and other top run­ners of that se­ries. The Mod­i­fied, Pro-Stock, Semi-Pro and Min­i­S­tock will also see some ac­tion with the Sports­man hav­ing a night off. D&A Trac­tor Sales and Glen`s Tow­ing will be the ma­jor spon­sor of the evening.

Mod­i­fied Fea­ture Re­sults (30 laps)

Carey Ter­rance, Lau­rent Ladouceur, Luke Whit­teker, Lee Ladouceur, Tim O’Brien, Dave Heaslip, Kyle Ding­wall, Stéphane Lafrance, Brian McDon­ald, Billy Cook, Gage Morin, Ron Valade, Danny O’Brien, Justin Lalancette, Eric Gau­vreau, Joel Do­iron, Ryan Helm

MrDIRT­car laps)




Tim Sears Jr, Chris Her­bi­son, Ryan Su­sice, Justin Wright, Steve Bernier, Mark Dixon, Dan Wies­ner, Travis Back, Jesse Cotriss, Dave Dyk­stra, Brent Kelsey, Shane Pecore, Steve Bar­ber, Chris Tay­lor, Loren Lin­coln, Don­nie Law­son, Roger Vara­calli, Steve Gray, Dil­lon Sal­lows, Chris Raabe, Matt Collins, Cory Win­ters, Bruno Lepage, Randy Early, Jenna David, Jamie Platt, Chris­tine Martin, Jeff Philipps, Shel­don Hoog­w­erf, Ghis­lain Lacombe

Pro-Stock Fea­ture Re­sults (20 laps)

Ricky Thomp­son, Corey Wheeler, Dave Bis­son­nette, Ghis­lain Valade, Louie Jack­son, Joey Ladouceur, Ge­orge Re­naud, Dion Oakes, PJ Peters, Michel Des­jardins, Gilles Go­dard, Marc Lalonde, Rock Au­bin, Steve Johnston, Chris Trem­blay, Ryan Stabler, David Pap­ineau (DNS)

Mini-Stock Fea­ture Re­sults (12 laps)

Ben Nurse, Ron­nie Tyo, Mike Gaucher, An­drew Giroux, Dan Des­noy­ers, Benoit Laroche, Marc Char­trand, Chris James, Ben Rose­bush, Martin Bernard, Dar­ryl Mitchell, Carl Gorry, Justin Jodoin, David Seguin, Marc Usereau (DNS), Tyler La­marche (DNS).

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