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Well, are you ready for the whin­ing and cry­ing? The gnash­ing of teeth? The pleas of be­ing hard done by and life not be­ing fair?

You think I'm talk­ing about the World Cup soc­cer tour­na­ment, where a sim­ple bump of one player into an­other has both grab­bing their shins, knees, thighs and other ap­pendages in mor­tal pain.

Once they see they're not get­ting the call, they jump up, di­vinely healed, won­der­ing how the ref­eree could be so blind, so cal­lous, so cruel.

No, that's not what I'm talk­ing about.

The whin­ing and cry­ing and gnash­ing of teeth and un­heard pleas will be the un­peace­ful pro­test­ers who live for G8 to G20 meet­ings, be they in Canada or else­where. They will be out in force, do­ing il­le­gal things, mak­ing id­iots of them­selves and when po­lice and other se­cu­rity forces step in, it will be ac­cu­sa­tions of po­lice bru­tal­ity.

I have no com­pas­sion for those who feel their mes­sage is the most im­por­tant one and the only way to get it across is an­ar­chy. It re­ally has turned into a game hasn't it? The meet­ings are called and one side pre­pares to pro­tect those at­tend­ing. The other side also pre­pares, in great de­tail, to make it as dif­fi­cult as pos­si­ble to have the meet­ings in the first place.

I don't know if these G8 and G20 meet­ings do any good. I do know that a lot of the cost is for se­cu­rity and it’s from these il­le­gal protest­ing bums that think they have the an­swer to the world's prob­lems. Their an­swer is vi­o­lence and force. So go ahead and get your head bashed in. Go ahead and get ar­rested. Don't look for sym­pa­thy from this corner - there is none. Well how about that. I got a per­sonal let­ter from On­tario Premier Dal­ton McGuinty. Well, al­right, it’s not a per­sonal let­ter. It’s not signed by the premier but it’s typed right in there as plain as day at the end of the epis­tle, “Sin­cerely, Dal­ton McGuinty, Premier of On­tario.”

The let­ter con­tained the first in­stall­ment of my bribe, us­ing my own money any­way. Now the govern­ment calls it the On­tario Sales Tax Tran­si­tion Ben­e­fit. There is some bu­reau­crat buried in Queen’s Park who is as proud as punch be­cause he or she came up with that moniker. Doesn’t mat­ter what it’s called, I got my $100 cheque. It re­ally was in the mail.

At­tached to the cheque was a com­mer­cial for the Har­mo­nized Sales Tax. The com­mer­cial says the tax changes, that the Lib­er­als think is the best thing since sliced bread, will help cre­ate 591,000 jobs. It won’t cre­ate them out­right. It will help cre­ate them, which to me means sev­eral other ducks have to be in a row as well, but I don’t know what those “ducks” are so the half a mil­lion jobs to me is a “maybe.”

The let­ter goes on to say that it’s help­ing me through a tran­si­tion so that’s why I’m get­ting the Sales Tax Tran­si­tion Ben­e­fit.

If this tax is so good, how come I need help get­ting through it?

Not only that, ap­par­ently I’ll need help in De­cem­ber of this year and June of next year. Wow! That’s a lot of help.

I can hear the de­trac­tors out there say­ing, “If you’re so dead set against get­ting the cheque, then why don’t you give it back?” No way! It’s my money in the first place and I’ll take it back any time. If this was the govern­ment’s hard-earned (sort of an oxy­moron there) money, then we’d have to think about it. But you know and I know that money is ours in the first place. That’s what makes this “bribe” so in­sult­ing. But bot­tom line, it’s money and I’m tak­ing it.

Look out On­tario, here comes the HST and I still can’t find any­one who likes it.

Happy Canada Day one and all. Wher­ever you’re go­ing, take ex­tra money. Dal­ton and gang need those tran­si­tion ben­e­fits back.

I’m John Divin­ski.

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