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Prac­tic­ing the fol­low­ing fuel ef­fi­cient driv­ing tech­niques can im­prove fuel econ­omy more than 10%:

•Ob­serv­ing the Speed Limit

In high­way driv­ing, over 50% of the en­ergy re­quired to move your car down the road goes to over­com­ing aero­dy­namic drag (push­ing air out of the way). As you drive faster, aero­dy­namic drag and rolling re­sis­tance in­crease. As a re­sult, at speeds above 80 km/ h, fuel econ­omy de­creases rapidly.

By driv­ing 100 km/h in­stead of 120 km/h, you’ll save gas. Of course it will take you longer to get to your des­ti­na­tion, but for each ex­tra hour you spend driv­ing you’ll save $5. Own­ers of larger trucks and sport util­ity ve­hi­cles may save as much as $10 for each ex­tra hour spent driv­ing.

Stay­ing within the speed limit is not only a mat­ter of safety and obey­ing the law, it can also save you money!

•Over-drive Gears

Over-drive gears im­prove the fuel econ­omy of your car dur­ing high­way driv­ing. When you use over-drive gear­ing your car’s en­gine speed de­creases. This re­duces both fuel con­sump­tion and en­gine wear.

•Us­ing Cruise Con­trol

Us­ing cruise con­trol on high­way trips can help you main­tain a con­stant speed and, in most cases, will re­duce your fuel con­sump­tion.

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