Too much garbage on our streets

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Dear Ed­i­tor: An open let­ter to Corn­wall city coun­cil, I read with in­ter­est your de­sire to have cit­i­zens get in­volved in our bud­get process, … “How they would like to see their prop­erty tax dol­lars ‘in­vested’ in com­mu­nity ser­vices.” This is not the medium you re­quested for in­put, but should still suit your pur­poses.

A very big prob­lem we have in Corn­wall is too much garbage in/on our streets. The cour­ses of this prob­lem are: a) res­i­dents putting their garbage to the curb too early, so birds and an­i­mals tear open the bags and garbage gets strewn onto the street. Ad­di­tion­ally, too many peo­ple fail to se­cure the garbage prop­erly with the same con­se­quences.

b) res­i­dents putting out blue boxes: 1too early and 2- that are over­flow­ing and not se­cured prop­erly.

If this un­sightly prob­lem can be elim­i­nated our com­mu­nity would be a much bet­ter place for all, in which to live.

Is there a way to deal with this is­sue? so.

Cer­tainly some ed­u­ca­tion would help, eg: in­for­ma­tion with the tax bills. How­ever, I think some­thing stronger is re­quired. A penalty sys­tem should be im­ple­mented. The first of­fence would carry a warn­ing; sec­ond of­fence, a $25. fine; third of­fence, a $100 fine.

I think

New by-laws or amend­ments to may be needed.

Some re­sources would be re­quired to do this, how­ever, fines would off­set the costs at least in the early pe­riod.

If any read­ers out there think this idea has any merit, let a mem­ber of coun­cil know how you feel.

ex­ist­ing Dick Aubry,


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