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Roger Masse of Masse Fur­ni­ture says that ev­ery­one can stay in the green by us­ing green ap­pli­ances. Whether it be en­ergy ef­fi­cient stoves or wash­ers that use as lit­tle soap as nec­es­sary, not only are these ap­pli­ances good for the en­vi­ron­ment, but they’re also good for your wal­let.

The Sting of Com­pos­ites

First there’s the “ouch!” fol­lowed by the wince, then the slap, then the rub­bing of the area in ques­tion, then it’s over. That, in a nut­shell, de­scribes the ex­pe­ri­ence of buy­ing com­pos­ite deck­ing. It’s es­sen­tially that first lit­tle fi­nan­cial sting of sum­mer. Muhammed Ali used to float like a but­ter­fly and sting like a bee. How­ever, the com­pos­ite sting won’t top­ple you over like an Ali punch, but it will grab your at­ten­tion, and de­pend­ing on your bud­get sta­tus, the fi­nan­cial hit will most likely be some­where be­tween the sting of a wasp, and that of a mos­quito. So, why put your­self through such an un­pleas­ant fi­nan­cial ex­pe­ri­ence? Be­cause it’s worth it, and is ba­si­cally like ac­cept­ing a sting to­day, then re­ceiv­ing a free pass from the mos­qui­toes, bees, and bal­ance of the bit­ing in­sect world for the next 25 years. In other words, the price of com­pos­ite deck­ing re­lates di­rectly to the cost of free­dom, or at least hav­ing most sum­mer week­ends off for the next 20+ years. Are com­pos­ite decks to­tally main­te­nance free? Not quite, al­though they could be. Be­cause the fin­ish on com­pos­ite deck­ing is so ter­rific look­ing, you’re go­ing to want to keep it clean. So, this chore will re­quire a quick spray us­ing the gar­den hose (put your pres­sure washer in the dump­ster) fol­lowed by a sweep with soft bris­tled 24” push broom. What to look for in com­pos­ite deck­ing? Choose ei­ther a solid PVC or PVC wrapped prod­uct. This, as op­posed to the solid com­pos­ite, or old recipe prod­ucts that are a mix­ture of re­cy­cled plas­tics and wood fibers. These orig­i­nal recipe prod­ucts are of­ten on sale, but they’re to be avoided. Al­though def­i­nitely cheaper in price, pure com­pos­ites won’t wear as well, and aren’t nearly as stain and scratch re­sis­tant as the solid PVC or PVC wrapped prod­ucts. What to re­mem­ber when de­sign­ing your com­pos­ite

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