“LOOK. LIS­TEN. LEARN. Be aware. Fire can hap­pen any­where.”


ON­TARIO - This year’s Fire Preven­tion Week theme fo­cuses on three fun­da­men­tal ac­tions peo­ple can take to be fire-safe:

LOOK for po­ten­tial fire haz­ards around your home. Take ac­tion to pre­vent fire from start­ing:

Al­ways stay in the kitchen while cook­ing. If you must leave, turn off the stove.

En­cour­age smok­ers to smoke out­side. Al­ways ex­tin­guish cig­a­rettes in large, deep ash- trays that can­not be knocked over.

Check elec­tri­cal cords for dam­age such as fray­ing or nicks. A dam­aged cord can ex­pose wires and re­sult in a po­ten­tial shock or fire hazard. emer­gency. Make sure ev­ery­one knows the sound of the smoke alarms and can hear them in an emer­gency. Early de­tec­tion of fire pro­vided by smoke alarms gives you the ex­tra sec­onds you need to get out safely.

LEARN two ways out of ev­ery room. Prac­tice a home fire es­cape plan with ev­ery­one in your home be­fore a fire starts so you and your fam­ily can get out quickly.

Breast can­cer sta­tis­tics Breast can­cer is the most com­mon can­cer among Cana­dian women (ex­clud­ing non-melanoma skin can­cers). It is the 2nd lead­ing cause of death from can­cer in Cana­dian women. Breast can­cer can also oc­cur in men, but it is not com­mon. In­ci­dence and mor­tal­ity In­ci­dence is the num­ber of new cases of can­cer. Mor­tal­ity is the num­ber of deaths due to can­cer. The fol­low­ing in­ci­dence and mor­tal­ity sta­tis­tics are es­ti­mated us­ing the most up-to-date ac­tual data avail­able. In 2017, an es­ti­mated: • 26,300 women were di­ag­nosed with breast can­cer. This rep­re­sents 25% of all new can­cer cases in women in 2017. • 5,000 women died from breast can­cer. This rep­re­sents 13% of all can­cer deaths in women in 2017. • On aver­age, 72 Cana­dian women were di­ag­nosed with breast can­cer ev­ery day. • On aver­age, 14 Cana­dian women died from breast can­cer ev­ery day. • 230 men were di­ag­nosed with breast can­cer and 60 died from breast can­cer.

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