Has Disco in her blood

Sharp - - EDITOR’S LETTER - By Greg Hud­son

Taken’s Brook­lyn Su­dano has Disco in her blood.

BROOK­LYN SU­DANO is so easy to talk to you for­get that she’s easy on the eyes, too. Dis­arm­ing, nat­u­ral, ea­ger to con­verse. Su­dano brings you in quickly, re­gales you with anec­dotes, flashes the ap­pro­pri­ate amount of vul­ner­a­bil­ity, riffs as well as any pod­caster. She prob­a­bly got it from her mother, the late Disco diva Donna Sum­mers. “My mom would bring us out in ran­dom places, in front of her friends, and say ‘sing that Whit­ney Hous­ton song,’ or ‘do the Roger Rab­bit.’ She would say, ‘you never know who you could be per­form­ing for. You gotta be ready to go!” Not that Brook­lyn needed much con­vinc­ing — or hum­bling, for that mat­ter. “The big­gest gift my par­ents gave me,” she says, “is that at a young age I was able to see Ja­pan, and Paris, and the many states of the country. To un­der­stand that I am just one piece of this re­ally big puz­zle.” And as she’s telling you this, you feel like you’re a piece of that puz­zle, too, that you fit in. Even if you couldn’t pos­si­bly keep up with her.

Where to find Brook­lyn: As one of the stars of Taken, the TV se­ries that shows ex­actly how Brian Mills (Liam Nee­son in the films) got his spe­cific set of skills.

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