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SHE Canada - - SHE PRENEUR - By Ameena Iqbal

Known for her cre­ative taste in Hi­jabi fash­ion and pas­sion for makeup, Yasemin Ka­nar or as the world knows her, Yaz the spaz 89, has taken the Mus­limah com­mu­nity by storm. Raised in a fam­ily of fash­ion lovers, Yaz’s jour­ney started when her Mus­limah sis­ters asked her how she achieved her sig­na­ture hi­jab style. We sat down with her to get her views on fash­ion, her big­gest in­spi­ra­tion and the de­tails on the in­fa­mous vo­lu­miz­ing scrunchie.

Please tell us a lit­tle bit about your­self and how you got started in the fash­ion in­dus­try?

My name is Yasemin Ka­nar, 25 years young, and born and raised in Mi­ami, Florida. I am half Cuban and half Turk­ish. I got mar­ried over a year ago to an amaz­ing Egyp­tian man and have the two cutest Ben­gal kitty cats ever, Shiko and Loki. I was raised in a fam­ily of fash­ion lovers. My fa­ther owns his own man­u­fac­tur­ing com­pany for leather gar­ments and my mother has al­ways been ex­tremely fash­ion­able. I’ve even worn some of her cloth­ing from the ‘80s in a few of my photo-shoots. I guess in a way, it was al­ways in my blood.

How would you de­scribe your sig­na­ture look?

My sig­na­ture look would have to be a comfy long-sleeved loose top, some funky printed pants, a cute neck­lace ac­ces­sory, my hi­jab (scarf ) styled with the winged look and of course my black cargo boots. I love chang­ing my look ev­ery day from comfy laid back to clas­sic chic to glam­ourous and more.

Who inspires you?

My big­gest in­spi­ra­tion has to be my mother Rori Ka­nar, also known as Momspaz. She is the most in­cred­i­ble woman I have ever met. She is in­tel­li­gent, hard­work­ing, fash­ion­able, lov­ing, car­ing, and just over­all amaz­ing. I couldn’t ask for a bet­ter man­ager/mo­mager.

When did you know you wanted to be Yazthes­paz and how did it spark your in­ter­est in a Youtube chan­nel?

I never re­ally knew I wanted to be Yazthes­paz, it just came. I grad­u­ated with a bi­ol­ogy de­gree so I fig­ured I was go­ing to do some­thing in the med­i­cal field but Al­lah SWT (God) had some­thing else in store for me. Dur­ing the time where chang­ing your hi­jab style was not com­mon, I started ex­per­i­ment­ing ways in which I could not only cover what was needed to be cov­ered in Is­lam, but make it in a way stylish for me to feel even more beau­ti­ful wear­ing my hi­jab. Many women at the mosque kept ask­ing me how I wrapped it and I would show them. Af­ter some time, I fig­ured why not just make a video so they can replay it as many times as they’d like and I wouldn’t have to take my scarf off when I would see them. From that video for­ward, girls kept on re­quest­ing more styles, and af­ter my sec­ond video, it just went vi­ral. Al­lah SWT has sent ev­ery­thing all since, that has come my way. And now it’s part of my life and my ca­reer.

Who is your tar­get au­di­ence?

My tar­get au­di­ence has to be any girl or woman want­ing to be mod­est, stylish and con­fi­dent all at the same time. It could range any­where from 6 to 60 years of age or even more.

Con­sid­er­ing your have an e-com­merce site how well do you main­tain good cus­tomer ser­vice?

We try to main­tain the best cus­tomer ser­vice pos­si­ble. We want ev­ery­one to love their Yazthes­paz items and be proud to wear them ev­ery­where they go.

What three pieces of ad­vice would you of­fer en­trepreneurs start­ing out to­day?

If I was able to give any ad­vice to any­one start­ing off a busi­ness I would rec­om­mend first hav­ing the best re­la­tion­ship with God pos­si­ble, be­cause with­out Him, suc­cess would not have come. Se­condly, I would tell them to fol­low their dreams and to make sure when they plan to start any busi­ness, en­sure that they have built some sort of cus­tomer base so when they fi­nally open, they have cus­tomers wait­ing to buy from them. Al­ham­dulil­lah (thank Al­lah SWT) that it came easily for me. Lastly, I would say be unique. It’s ter­ri­ble to see a com­pany selling the same prod­ucts as ev­ery­one else. Find that one prod­uct that makes you stand out from the rest what­ever it may be. My unique prod­uct was and still is the Yazthes­paz Orig­i­nal Vo­lu­miz­ing Scrunchie. That was the prod­uct that started my busi­ness be­cause it was some­thing I wore while mak­ing my videos that ev­ery­one else wanted to have. So I started my busi­ness from there for­ward.

Fu­ture plans? En­deav­ors? Col­lab­o­ra­tions?

Who knows what the fu­ture will hold. I just re­dec­o­rated my new of­fice and will be back on the Youtube scene very shortly. I also just fin­ished film­ing for the movie Amer­i­can Sharia that is soon to be re­leased in the Fall of 2014 so keep a look out! As for now, I am let­ting God guide me as to where I should be go­ing and as a mat­ter of fact, I’m so ex­cited to see what comes up next.

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