Run­ners get a clearer pic­ture while wear­ing the lat­est in eye care in­no­va­tion

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To get the most out of your run­ning per­for­mance, you need to: wear proper gear, eat healthy, get enough sleep and fol­low a proper run­ning pro­gram to suit your fit­ness level. That takes care of the ba­sics to build a strong body for years to come. Run­ning and most forms of ex­er­cis­ing may help main­tain over­all good eye health but like our bod­ies, our vi­sion is af­fected as we age. As we ap­proach 40 years old, it may be a chal­lenge to see our fit­ness tracker or train­ing watch clearly.

No doubt, it can be a frus­trat­ing ex- pe­ri­ence try­ing to op­ti­mize your work­out be­cause your vi­sion is re­duced caus­ing you to squint be­cause you left your read­ing glasses at home.

How can you get a clearer pic­ture and see the world through the eyes of the younger per­son in whose shoes you used to wear?

Wear­ing read­ing glasses may help you see clearly how­ever mul­ti­fo­cal con­tact lenses could be a bet­ter op­tion for work­ing out, es­pe­cially when run­ning out­doors in rain or snow. Ac­cord­ing to the Age of Per­cep­tion Im­pact Study, 30 per­cent of aging Cana­di­ans sur­veyed would rather wear con­tact lenses than glasses, 16 per­cent would rather squint than wear read­ing glasses and about one in five (19 per­cent) agree that they would or cur­rently avoid wear­ing read­ing glasses be­cause they would make them look older.

An eye con­di­tion called pres­by­opia of­ten oc­curs around the age of 40 due to a grad­ual loss of the eye’s abil­ity to fo­cus on close ob­jects, and af­fects nearly 1.7 bil­lion peo­ple. , The symp­toms are eye strain, dif­fi­culty see­ing in dim light and prob­lems fo­cus­ing on small ob­jects and/or print found on items such as fit­ness track­ers and smart phones.

With World Sight Day com­ing up on Oc­to­ber 12th, it is a good re­minder to get an eye exam, be­come fa­mil­iar with pres­by­opia aware­ness, and be up­dated on the lat­est in eye care tech­nol­ogy such as Al­con mul­ti­fo­cal con­tact lenses for the aging eye. A new op­tion has opened up for those who run with a smart­phone or fit­ness tracker. Mul­ti­fo­cal con­tact lenses al­low Cana­di­ans to see ev­ery­thing near, far and in be­tween. Al­con DAILIES TOTAL1® Mul­ti­fo­cal con­tact lenses re­place the glasses you would need to wear to see what is ahead while on a run or view your fit­ness de­vice.

Run­ning with a watch to keep track of your times is a good in­di­ca­tor of your over­all health but if you are strug­gling to see the watch you may have pres­by­opia. If you have no­ticed changes in your vi­sion visit your eye doc­tor to get a com­pre­hen­sive eye exam. More in­for­ma­tion on the Al­con mul­ti­fo­cal con­tact lenses can be found at Losey­our­read­

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