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- In lov­ing mem­ory of our mom, gram­mie and great-gram­mie who left us on Oc­to­ber 30, 2008.

Our hearts are like a mem­ory book

It’s pages hold­ing near,

All our lov­ing thoughts of you Recorded year by year.

A book of golden yesterdays,

Bound with love and care,

A very spe­cial edi­tion Mom Be­cause you are trea­sured there.


In Me­mo­riam MORIN, Steven

- In lov­ing mem­ory of my dear son who was called home 33 years ago.

Cher­ished mem­o­ries are the gifts

That help to keep us near

To those who live within our hearts When they are no longer with us.

Al­ways in my prayers. MOM MON­DAY, OC­TO­BER 30, 2017

To­day is the 303rd day of 2017 and the 39th day of au­tumn.

TO­DAY’S HIS­TORY: In 1811, Jane Austen pub­lished her first novel, “Sense and Sen­si­bil­ity,” un­der the pseu­do­nym “a Lady.”

In 1890, Oak­land, Cal­i­for­nia, be­came one of the first ju­ris­dic­tions in the coun­try to en­act an anti-drug law, which banned non-pre­scrip­tion opium, mor­phine and co­caine.

In 1938, Or­son Welles’ ra­dio pro­duc­tion of “War of the Worlds” cre­ated panic in lis­ten­ers who be­lieved they were ac­tu­ally lis­ten­ing to re­ports of a Mar­tian in­va­sion.

In 1991, Pres­i­dent Ge­orge H.W. Bush opened the Madrid Con­fer­ence, the first direct, of­fi­cial peace talks to in­clude Is­rael and all its Arab neigh­bors.

TO­DAY’S BIRTHDAYS: John Adams (1735-1826), sec­ond U.S. pres­i­dent; Wil­liam Halsey (1882-1959), U.S. ad­mi­ral/fleet com­man­der; Ezra Pound (18851972), poet/critic; Charles At­las (1893-1972), body­builder; Grace Slick (1939- ), singer; Henry Win­kler (1945- ), ac­tor; Harry Ham­lin (1951- ), ac­tor; Gavin Ross­dale (1965- ), singer/song­writer; Nia Long (1970- ), ac­tress; Matthew Mor­ri­son (1978- ), ac­tor.

TO­DAY’S FACT: Co­caine was not na­tion­ally reg­u­lated in the United States un­til 1914, when the Har­ri­son Nar­cotics Tax Act was passed.

TO­DAY’S SPORTS: In 1974, Muham­mad Ali re­gained the world heavy­weight ti­tle by knock­ing out Ge­orge Fore­man in the eighth round of the “Rum­ble in the Jun­gle.”

TO­DAY’S QUOTE: “Man read­ing should be man in­tensely alive. The book should be a ball of light in one’s hand.” — Ezra Pound

TO­DAY’S NUM­BER: 60,000 — weight (in pounds) of “Tsar Bomba,” the Soviet hy­dro­gen bomb det­o­nated in a test on the No­vaya Zemlya ar­chi­pel­ago in north­ern Rus­sia on this day in 1961. With a blast yield of 50 to 58 mega­tons of TNT, the 26-foot-long bomb re­mains the most pow­er­ful nu­clear weapon ever det­o­nated.

TO­DAY’S MOON: Be­tween first quar­ter moon (Oct. 27) and full moon (Nov. 3).

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