Fundrais­ing for baby Christo­pher

Port El­gin fam­ily and friends rally

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The heart­felt on­line do­na­tions by fam­ily, friends and strangers $3,230 to date - are a com­fort to the Becker/Liska fam­ily whose new­born son, Christo­pher, un­der­went the first of many surg­eries Sept. 6 at the Mon­treal Shriners Chil­dren’s Hospi­tal to be­gin to deal with the Arthro­gry­po­sis (AMC) Amy­opla­sia he was born with June 29.

Arthro­gry­po­sis is con­gen­i­tal, non-pro­gres­sive con­trac­tures in more than two joints and in mul­ti­ple body ar­eas and oc­curs in one- in- 3,000 births. Christo­pher was born with clubbed feet and clenched hands, is­sues iden­ti­fied in an 18-week ul­tra­sound. The Sept. 6 surgery re­leased his Achilles ten­dons in an ef­fort to im­prove mo­bil­ity. An email from Christo­pher’s aunt, Lisa Man­gov said the surgery went well and the baby was in re­cov­ery and ex­pects to be home in a week.

Mom Chrys­tal Becker lived in Port El­gin from 1989 to 2010 and now lives in Burling­ton with her hus­band, Christo­pher’s fa­ther Rob Liska, and her 12-yearold son. Becker’s mother and a brother still live in Port El­gin.

Christo­pher was born June 29 in Burling­ton and of­fi­cially di­ag­nosed with Arthro­gry­po­sis Amy­opla­sia (AMC) which re­quired in­tense phys­io­ther­apy, splint­ing, cast­ing and many ap­point­ments with spe­cial­ists, in­clud­ing at the Mon­treal Shriners Chil­dren’s Hospi­tal.

Aunt Man­gov said Chrys­tal is on ma­ter­nity leave as a Per­sonal Sup­port Worker and her hus­band is a ma­son who only gets paid when he works, so she and her fam­ily started the on­line YouCare fundrais­ing cam­paign to help cover med­i­cal-re­lated ex­penses.

“Christo­pher is so cute - he’s all smiles but he hates phys­io­ther­apy when they ma­nip­u­late his hands and feet to make them more pli­able. His right leg won’t bend and his knee is on the in­side of his right leg,” Man­gov said in a Sept, 6 tele­phone in­ter­view, adding Christo­pher’s arms won’t bend but he can wig­gle his fin­gers a bit. He sleeps and naps with splints on his arms and legs to in­crease flex­i­bil­ity, mak­ing phys­io­ther­apy cru­cial.

Becker’s phys­io­ther­apy ben­e­fits are capped at $1,000, and Christo­pher’s three weekly ses­sions costs $60 each, so the funds will quickly be ex­hausted.

“I said to my hus­band (Chrys­tal’s brother) that we had to do some­thing to help them be­cause it is hard enough to have a sick child with­out the added bur­den of ad­di­tional costs,” Man­gov said, adding the fam­ily is liv­ing day-by-day.

“Chrys­tal is very prag­matic but she has mo­ments of melt­down she is strong be­cause she had no choice, but they are all deal­ing with a lot, in­clud­ing the death of her sis­ter the day be­fore the fam­ily flew to Mon­treal for Christo­pher’s surgery.

“Please con­sider a do­na­tion to help Baby Christo­pher start his life with the best med­i­cal treat­ments to set him on the path to thrive phys­i­cally like ev­ery lit­tle boy should.” Man­gov said.

The YouCar­ing com­pas­sion­ate crowd­fund­ing site is www. youcar­­tal­becker

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The fam­ily of Baby Christo­pher Becker/Liska started an on­line fundrais­ing cam­paign to help cover med­i­cal ex­penses for the fam­ily. The baby, whose mom, Chrys­tal Becker, lived in Port El­gin, has Arthro­gry­po­sis Amy­opla­sia (AMC) and was born with clubbed feet and hands. He is re­cov­er­ing from Sept. 6 surgery in Mon­treal to re­lease his Achilles ten­dons.

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