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Atomic Mo­tion Xcruise 53 Posi­grip Yoko YXC Skate

The Yoko line is de­signed for the ac­com­plished skier, but should be con­sid­ered by any skier who wants a high-qual­ity and easy-to-use ski made in Fin­land. The YXC Skate has a light­weight hon­ey­comb-core con­struc­tion, which is the same core shape as its top-of-the-line YXR Skate Car­bon. The ski is light, re­tain­ing its ex­cel­lent per­for­mance and up­hill glid­ing prop­er­ties. The base ma­te­rial is a high-qual­ity sin­tered graphite, and comes pre-waxed with Op­ti­wax Glide tape so that the skis are ready to hit the snow as soon as they leave the fac­tory. The SRP is $375 [US] / $485 [CDN].. The Atomic Mo­tion Xcruise 53 is a shorter, broader, more sta­ble and easyto-han­dle Mo­tion ski with Posi­grip tech­nol­ogy, a ver­sa­tile grip tech­nol­ogy used on Atomic's all-around skis. This ski is ideal for con­fi­dent leisure skiers. It is a mid-length ski in sizes 163, 173, 183 and 193cm. The Xcruise pro­vides plenty of grip and glide in a wide va­ri­ety of con­di­tions, in­clud­ing ice. It's a nice choice for a ski, even if the track is poor or you are break­ing trail in the park. The SRP is $210 [US] / $249 [CDN].

Mad­shus Me­ga­sonic Skate

The Mad­shus Me­ga­sonic skate ski is for the fit­ness en­thu­si­ast or be­gin­ner racer look­ing for sta­bil­ity. The 44-40-44mm side­cut means more com­fort and easy ski­ing. With re­li­able tor­sion-cap con­struc­tion and a light­weight Poly­cell foam core, the Me­ga­sonic Skate de­liv­ers es­sen­tial sta­bil­ity and con­trol for skiers new to the sport or run­ners and fat­bik­ers who are cross-train­ing. The ski is avail­able at a nice price point, while still of­fer­ing that smooth, magic Mad­shus ride. The SRP is $335 [US].

One Way Premio 10 Clas­sic Cold/medium

The One Way Premio 10 Clas­sic is the go-to ski for those look­ing for a one-quiver ski on all types of trails. The ski is built with a No­max hon­ey­comb core for light­ness and dura­bil­ity. The best part is that the ski runs with its top World Cup base that ac­cepts wax well and glides fast in all snow con­di­tions. The medium flex has a lower cam­ber height for max­i­mum kick ef­fi­ciency, which equals great glide. It was a very com­fort­able sta­ble feel in the fast down­hill sec­tions. The side­cut is 44/44/44, with a weight of 520g, all for a fair price. The SRP is $625 [US] / $639 [CDN].

Fis­cher S-bound 98 Crown/skin Mad­shus An­num 78

The Mad­shus An­num 78 is the widest ski pro­duced by this Nor­we­gian com­pany. This fat ski turns smoothly in all snow con­di­tions. Its full-me­tal edge will help boost your con­fi­dence in any off­piste con­di­tions. Its lengths of 165cm to 195cm with a side­cut of 109-78-95mm give op­ti­mal flota­tion in pow­der, yet the ski will hold up in hard­pack. The Om­ni­track wax­less base is very ef­fec­tive and re­li­able un­der chang­ing snow con­di­tions. This ski blends Mad­shus' Nordic her­itage with a sense of modern ex­plo­ration. The SRP is $370 [US] / $450 [CDN]. With the Fis­cher S-bound 98 Crown skin ski, dis­cover what's over the next rise and through the quiet stand of trees off the beaten path. The off­track crown is shal­low at the glide zone and deeper un­der­foot. The Fis­cher S-bound 98 Crown skin skis very ef­fi­ciently up­hill, yet it kicks and glides well in flat­ter con­di­tions. This of­fers more free­dom to ex­plore var­i­ous ter­rains when ski­ing. There is just enough side­cut to of­fer great con­trol and flota­tion in steep ter­rain, even while wear­ing a heavy day or overnight pack. The SRP is $400 [US] / $509 [CDN].

Ros­sig­nol BC 90 Posi­track

Ros­sig­nol's BC 90 skis are de­signed with wider di­men­sions, more pro­nounced side­cuts and sin­gle-cam­ber pro­files. This down­hill-ori­ented, full­metal-edged back­coun­try ski of­fers bet­ter flota­tion in pow­der and is turn-friendly for per­for­mance. The wax­less Posi­track base elim­i­nates the need for climb­ing skins. This is a great ski for ex­plor­ing the win­ter won­der­land. The SRP is $309 [US] / $299 [CDN].

Alpina Dis­cov­ery 102

The ski tips of the Alpina Dis­cov­ery 102 be­gin their curve up­ward a lit­tle far­ther back with their early rise, which makes for ex­cep­tional glid­ing on un­groomed ter­rain and en­ables lighter turn­ing with less ef­fort. The base is a BC grip all-ter­rain climb­ing sys­tem spe­cially de­vel­oped for off-track con­di­tions and de­mand­ing ter­rain, and it has a full-me­tal edge. The wood core has spe­cial Lite Air chan­nels, which re­duces weight, in­creases dura­bil­ity and im­proves pres­sure dis­tri­bu­tion, mak­ing for an ef­fi­cient lighter back­coun­try ski. The SRP is $299 [US] / $350 [CDN].

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