Dometic Mi­crowave IN­STAL­LA­TION

Snowbirds & RV Travelers - - How To - Story and Pho­tos By John McCabe

We re­ally thought that this was go­ing to be hard. We were wrong. In fact, had our tim­ing not been so bad, in­stalling a new mi­crowave oven would have been quite sim­ple. We or­dered the oven when it was on sale from Dometic’s largest re­tail­ers, so of course they didn’t have any in stock. Once we did re­ceive it how­ever, the in­stal­la­tion was fairly smooth sail­ing. Sure, there were a few bumps and a bit of bad lan­guage, but over­all, in­stalling a 40kg oven wasn’t as daunt­ing as we orig­i­nally thought. Be­fore or­der­ing, you should al­ways take mea­sure­ments of the avail­able space. For­tu­nately, most (and prob­a­bly all) RV over-the-range ovens come in only two sizes. For that rea­son, Dometic only car­ries those two sizes. Ours was the larger one, mea­sur­ing 762 mm wide x 419 mm deep x 390.5 mm tall. This calls for ei­ther the mi­crowave DOTR-16B or mi­crowave/con­vec­tion oven DOTR-17BC. The only tools that we used were an elec­tric screw­driver and a thin flat man­ual screw­driver to do some light pry­ing. For this job, you will re­ally want to go with an elec­tric screw­driver or a drill, as the in­stal­la­tion por­tion of the job will be much eas­ier if you do! You will need a friend, too. As we said, it’s 40kg and you will be lift­ing it up to in­stall it. Of course, we started the process by un­plug­ging the an­tique oven from the wall in­side the over­head cab­i­net. Next, we had to re­move three (very long) ver­ti­cal screws from the top of the mi­crowave. The heads of th­ese screws were lo­cated un­der the “floor” panel of the cab­i­net above the oven. There­fore in or­der to ac­cess them, we needed to gen­tly pry that lam­i­nate up. Although we were con­cerned that it would be ru­ined, it ac­tu­ally turned out well in the end; just pry gen­tly or it will get ugly. Be­fore re­mov­ing the third and fi­nal screw, make sure that

you have a friend hold­ing onto the old mi­crowave. Once the third screw is re­moved, ease the old unit down from the top, let­ting it slowly tilt for­ward to­ward you; when it’s far enough from the up­per cab­i­net, pull up on the back and walk it out the door to­gether. When we re­moved ours, there was a flat board be­hind the cab­i­net. This is prob­a­bly not the case with all mi­crowaves, but if it’s there, re­move it and get rid of it. Our new unit came with a bracket to hold the oven steady. It was very sim­ple to in­stall; just put it in place where the old oven used to be. There shouldn’t be a problem, as both units fit very snugly be­tween the cab­i­nets and the re­frig­er­a­tor. Ad­here it to the back wall us­ing the sup­plied bolts and make sure that it’s hold­ing tightly be­fore in­stalling the re­place­ment mi­crowave. At this point you may be think­ing that it’s time to in­stall the new unit. Well, you would be wrong! Be­fore you go rush­ing into the in­stall – and yes, we know you’re

In­stalling a new mi­crowave was much eas­ier than we thought!

dy­ing to try out the “pop­corn” set­ting on your new Dometic mi­crowave or mi­crowave/con­vec­tion oven – you have one ex­tremely im­por­tant step to make. The unit is sold with the rear vents set for hor­i­zon­tal vent­ing. If you leave them that way and your RV is set up for ver­ti­cal ven­ti­la­tion (like ours), you’ll have to in­stall the oven a sec­ond time if you choose to skip this step. Now you re­ally are ready to in­stall your new best friend (un­less you hap­pen to be a re­ally good cook). With the help from your other friend, si­mul­ta­ne­ously lift the new mi­crowave to­ward the wall. On an an­gle of ap­prox­i­mately 45° (with the top lean­ing to­ward you), rest the bot­tom of the mi­crowave onto the bot­tom of the bracket. Thread the plug through the hole into the up­per cab­i­net and, once the cord has fully ex­tended into the cab­i­net, lean the unit the en­tire way back to the wall. While one per­son holds the oven up, the other per­son will place the screws into the new unit in the same lo­ca­tion from where the old screws were re­moved. Do not tighten down on any screw un­til all three have been started. If you do thread one in com­pletely, you’ll be do­ing ex­tra work. On our in­stall, the screw that was clos­est to the front of the RV was a bit dif­fi­cult to ac­cess. Most likely there will be one on your in­stall that won’t be as co­op­er­a­tive as its neigh­bours. For this rea­son, it’s best to use an elec­tric screw­driver or a drill, as ex­plained ear­lier. Once the three screws are in, the in­stal­la­tion is com­plete! Re­in­stall the lam­i­nate in­side the up­per cab­i­net, in­stall the screens on the un­der­side of the mi­crowave, plug in the unit and in­stall the trays. Now you’re ready for that well-de­served bag of pop­corn – and so is your friend who helped you.

ONE FI­NAL NOTE: This ar­ti­cle is about re­plac­ing an ex­ist­ing mi­crowave or mi­crowave/con­vec­tion oven. If you are in­stalling one on a much older model, you will need to use the tem­plates that are shipped with your new oven in or­der to prop­erly in­stall it. It is a cou­ple ex­tra steps that we would like to have done in or­der to give you the com­plete in­for­ma­tion, but none of the rigs to which we had ac­cess were set up with­out an OE mi­crowave.

Pry up the lam­i­nate to re­move. In­stalled.

New mi­crowave in box. Un­screw­ing from above the oven.

Ready to go!

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