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You wake up in the morn­ing and reach over to take your glasses out of their case, put them on and you find a big scratch on the lens! Chances are, that didn’t hap­pen while you were sleep­ing. To a lot of us, eye­glasses are an im­por­tant part of our ev­ery day liv­ing. It is im­por­tant that they per­form as well, and re­main com­fort­able and clear as the first day you picked them up. Here are a few tips and tricks you can fol­low to get the most out of your eye­wear pur­chase.

Eye­glasses that last be­gins with your ac­tual pur­chase. The num­ber one most im­por­tant de- ci­sion is to choose a rep­utable eye­wear provider that has an ex­cel­lent war­ranty pol­icy. Ask ques­tions to find out what is cov­ered and for how long.

An­other big con­sid­er­a­tion in the longevity of eye­wear is the qual­ity of ma­te­ri­als. There are very big dif­fer­ences in some lens treat­ments, such as an anti-re­flec­tion treat­ment. Some of these prod­ucts are a coat­ing that eas­ily peels and scratches so choose good qual­ity treat­ments, such as Crizal. This treat­ment is ap­plied in a spe­cial vac­uum cham­ber so it ac­tu­ally be­comes im­bibed into the lens ma­te­rial, giv­ing it su­pe­rior re­sis­tance to scratches or peel­ing.

Also con­sider qual­ity when look­ing at frames. Many frames are plas­tic these days, but if you are go­ing the me­tal route, choose higher-qual­ity ma­te­ri­als such as ti­ta­nium or stain­less steel. Also take a close look at the type of hinge. Many com­pa­nies are mak­ing their frames with bet­ter hinge de­signs or flex­i­bil­ity through­out the tem­ple, rather than just at the hinge it­self. In some cases, the brand in­di­cates qual­ity, but cer­tainly not al­ways. Your op­ti­cian should be able to ex­plain the dif­fer­ence of the var­i­ous frame de­signs, brands and ma­te­ri­als.

Take good care of your glasses! Re­mem­ber that a scratch re­sis­tant treat­ment is just that ... re­sis­tant. There is no such thing as scratch proof. Your lenses are more likely to re­main scratch-free if you wipe them when they are wet. Run them un­der the tap or use an eye­glass lens spray be­fore wip­ing them with pa­per towel. If you wipe them dry when they hap­pen to be quite dirty, re­gard­less if you use your shirt or the spe­cial eye­glass cloth, the dirt will be pushed around and could scratch the lens. That cloth is in­tended to be only used for a smudge or fin­ger­print.

To keep your eye­glasses in good shape, you should also take them off and put them on with both hands, store them in the case when not be­ing worn and pro­tect them from ex­treme heat and chem­i­cals.

It only takes good pur­chase choices and a lit­tle bit of care to en­sure your eye­glasses will per­form as well as the first day you picked them up. Eye­sight is im­por­tant to ev­ery day liv­ing.


It only takes a lit­tle bit of care to en­sure your eye­glasses will per­form as well as the first day you picked them up.

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