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We’re a na­tion of multi-taskers, of­ten keep­ing an eye on our phones or other de­vices even while loung­ing on the sofa watch­ing tele­vi­sion.

And those de­vices need power.

Who wants to keep get­ting up to plug stuff in when you’re binge­ing a great show, read­ing a good book or oth­er­wise chill­ing?

Turns out, you don’t have


Fur­ni­ture mak­ers are re­spond­ing to our multi-task­ing lifestyle with seat­ing and sur­faces fea­tur­ing in­te­grated sock­ets and USB ports.

All you have to do is po­si­tion your chair or ta­ble within range of a wall plug to keep the juice flow­ing, and then you can tap into the fur­ni­ture’s power source.

On some pieces, the power ac­cess is in an arm­rest or base panel, while oth­ers have it built into the legs, side pan­els or draw­ers.

An­other clever hid­ing spot: lamp bases. Lamps Plus has many op­tions, in­clud­ing the Karla ta­ble lamp from 360 Light­ing, with a sleek brass or pol­ished-steel col­umn.

A pair of Ledger mer­cury-glass ta­ble lamps also come equipped with USB ports.

Or con­sider Ikea’s Varv floor lamp, with a sleek ad­justable base that lets you charge a phone just by rest­ing it on the charg­ing pad. There’s an ad­di­tional USB port built into the lamp.

Room & Board has sev­eral smart-look­ing pieces for var­i­ous rooms.

A clas­sic Par­sons bed has ports and plugs on both sides of the head­board. The iron frame comes in a range of colours, in­clud­ing fun ones like red, green, pink, ocean and blue.

The Por­tica end ta­ble comes both stan­dard and C-shaped, which can be use­ful for tight spa­ces.

Choose your own top: glass, quartz or mar­ble com­pos­ite, or woods like wal­nut, maple, spalted sug­ar­berry and ash.

De­sign­ers have tack­led the clunky tra­di­tional re­cliner, com­ing up with some sleeker, more stylish ver­sions.

At Room & Board, find the El­li­son, Dal­ton and Harper, which all come in a fine-grained leather and are avail­able with USB ports.

The de­sign­ers at Gje­meni tack­led both con­nec­tiv­ity and com­fort with a col­lec­tion of comfy leather chairs and so­fas that have charg­ing plugs as well as ad­justable backs, so you can turn each piece into a seat, a lounger or even a bed.

At Way­fair , Bray­den Stu­dio’s ash wood Keiper night­stand has a rus­tic mod­ern vibe that would make it work as a side ta­ble any­where; dual ports sit dis­creetly on the back.

Get the party started and keep it plug­ging along with Allmod­ern’s So­bro cof­fee ta­ble.

Avail­able in black, white or wood fin­ishes, the ta­ble is equipped not only with out­lets and ports, but a built-in fridge, speak­ers and LED mood lights around the base. Op­er­ate ev­ery­thing from the table­top; no apps re­quired.

Also at Allmod­ern, the Leeanne slip­per chair in black or white leatherette has a three-port USB panel on its side.

Ikea’s pert lit­tle Nordli night­stand has a hid­den shelf for a power bar, and a groove up the leg to tuck in the cord.

Sim­pler still is the Seljie night­stand, with a cutout in the back panel to run a power-bar cord into the drawer.

If you pre­fer retrofitting ex­ist­ing pieces, there are op­tions. In the bed­room, con­sider Stu­dio 3B’s four-piece bed-lift set.

The lifts raise a bed seven inches, and one of the legs houses two grounded out­lets plus two USB ports.

From Legrand comes a por­tand-plug power bar you can screw or clamp onto any edge to cre­ate con­nected fur­ni­ture; the black or white/grey unit comes with a six-inch cord.

As seen in


From Ikea, the VARV floor lamp, which al­lows you to charge two de­vices at once with a USB port built into the lamp, and a built in charger on the ta­ble for wire­less charg­ing.

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