Are you care­ful enough with can­dles?

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Can­dles are per­fect for cre­at­ing a ro­man­tic, re­lax­ing at­mos­phere or for fill­ing a room with a won­der­ful scent. How­ever, they should al­ways be used with cau­tion.

No­body wants a spe­cial can­dlelit din­ner to turn into a night­mare. Here are some tips for avoid­ing fire risks around can­dles.

Choose the right can­dle holder Make sure your can­dle hold­ers are sta­ble and large enough to col­lect drip­ping wax.

Avoid those that are made of wood or plas­tic.

Be care­ful with glass can­dle hold­ers; the heat of the can­dle could break them.

Avoid us­ing can­dles with mul­ti­ple wicks, as they can pro­duce big, high flames and in­tense heat.

They can also melt quickly and pro­duce large quan­ti­ties of hot wax.

Po­si­tion your can­dles in safe places

Al­ways place your can­dles on a sta­ble, un­ob­structed sur­face; a min­i­mum of 30 cen­time­tres away from fab­rics, pa­per, wood­work and wall­pa­per. Make sure they are out of the reach of your chil­dren and pets.

Don’t place can­dles where they risk be­ing knocked over by a draft or by a per­son pass­ing close by.

Lastly, pay at­ten­tion to your hair and clothes when light­ing a can­dle. Above all, never, un­der any cir­cum­stances, leave burn­ing can­dles unat­tended.

Like­wise, you should never use can­dles in your bed­room, as you might fall asleep be­fore you blow them out.


It is im­por­tant to con­stantly keep ed­u­cat­ing your­self and your fam­ily on fire safety.


Never leave a burn­ing can­dle unat­tended.

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