A Christ­mas Wish for youth

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Dear Santa: Well, it’s that time of year again. All the chil­dren in the world are ask­ing you to make their wishes come true for Christ­mas morn­ing. They are look­ing to you to make their Christ­mas just so happy and ful­fill­ing.

Santa, I know you are real busy try­ing to ful­fill all those re­quests.

I have only one re­quest. You see Santa, when I was young, all I strove for was the next hit. I thought at the time it was a real blast. But all the while I was run­ning my life, al­co­hol and drugs al­most took my life.

Oh yes, I went through re­hab, but the con­se­quences are with me for the rest of my life. From the car crash due to al­co­hol, and I have brain dam­age as a re­sult of the use of sub­stances on a daily ba­sis for years.

Some days I’m so con- fused, I don’t know which way is up and which is down. My thoughts get so scram­bled that it is dif­fi­cult to hang on to re­al­ity at times.

So Santa, if you could or have time, could you try to work in my re­quest?

Please bring to all young peo­ple peace in their hearts, con­tent­ment with the sim­ple lit­tle things in life. Please bring them love in their hearts for all whom they meet, and a clear mind to make right de­ci­sions in life. Then they may be spared the pain and suf­fer­ing I put my­self through.

Please Santa, please, if you’ve got time.

Merry Christ­mas and love, good night Santa. (The Booster re­served the right to keep the au­thor of

the let­ter anony­mous)

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