Ler­oux div­ing deeper for love

Bach­e­lor learns to open up, look for what mat­ters

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Chris Ler­oux is ready to set­tle down — and he doesn’t want to do it alone.

After 12 sea­sons as a Ma­jor League Base­ball pitcher, Mon­treal-born Ler­oux, 33, is on the hunt for a home close to his par­ents in Mis­sis­sauga, Ont., where he looks for­ward to do­ing “nor­mal” stuff like camp­ing, go­ing to the cot­tage, get­ting mar­ried and start­ing a fam­ily.

En­ter The Bach­e­lor Canada. Start­ing Wed­nes­day, Ler­oux will be­gin his love jour­ney on our home and na­tive land’s ver­sion of the pop­u­lar U.S. fran­chise. Will he find a wife among the 20 beau­ti­ful women he meets on the sea­son pre­miere? He’s not telling. But here’s what he did re­veal dur­ing a re­cent phone chat with Post­media: Q: Why did you ul­ti­mately de­cide to re­tire from base­ball?

A: My last sea­son in Buffalo I was pretty good and I never got an op­por­tu­nity in Toronto. I think with my age and the writ­ing on the wall. Ba­si­cally, ‘you’re too old, you’re not what we want.’ I was just tired of that. I was just like, I’ll give real life a try for a minute. Q: What sort of vi­sion do you have for your fam­ily?

A: I’m a pretty nor­mal guy. I want a cou­ple of kids that have re­spect for their el­ders. I want a wife who loves me for me and I want to love her for her and all of that stuff. When that comes, that’s a good ques­tion. But that’s what I’m look­ing for.

Q: Why do you think you haven’t been suc­cess­ful up un­til this point? A: I don’t want to say I haven’t been suc­cess­ful. Peo­ple think I’m help­less when it comes to (love). I think it’s mostly about tim­ing with me. I’ve been so con­sumed by base­ball and by mak­ing money that I al­most for­got about the most im­por­tant things in life. So it’s good that base­ball is on the back burner right now and I can fo­cus on my re­la­tion­ships with peo­ple. That’s what’s most im­por­tant for me right now. It’s not about find­ing a job, it’s not about mak­ing money, it’s about hav­ing good re­la­tion­ships with peo­ple that I love. Q: What are you look­ing for in a wife?

A: When it comes down to looks, there’s re­ally no par­tic­u­lar thing that I look for. Maybe I’d say a healthy per­son, some­one who has that healthy liv­ing vibe about her. When it comes to per­son­al­ity, I’m a lit­tle more picky. I like some­body that’s funny, some­body that has a good heart, I like some­body who’s kind. Those are my deal-break­ers.

If you’re not any of those, then we’re prob­a­bly not go­ing to get along very well. Q: How did you pre­pare for the show? Did you work out a lot?

A: My prepa­ra­tion was very lim­ited. I guess I worked out but whether I work out seven days a week for three hours a day or whether I work out zero times a week my body is go­ing to look sim­i­lar. Ge­net­i­cally I’ve been blessed. My par­ents are both 65 years old and they’re both in re­ally good shape. So it’s kind of a bless­ing and a curse. I want to be big­ger, I want to look like Arnold (Sch­warzeneg­ger), but it’s never go­ing to hap­pen for me. Q: What about emo­tional prepa­ra­tion?

A: I didn’t do any emo­tional prepa­ra­tion what­so­ever. It was kind of a crash course for me. I had a lot of things that I wasn’t so good at. I wasn’t so good about open­ing up, I wasn’t so good about talk­ing

about my­self. It was a chal­lenge. I think that I’ve be­come a bet­ter per­son be­cause of this show. I want to thank the peo­ple in­volved in this show be­cause they taught me to be a bet­ter man and with­out them I would be the same old per­son that I was last year. Q: So you’re more in touch with your emo­tions?

A: I’m way more in touch with my emo­tions, how to treat peo­ple, what a re­la­tion­ship en­tails. I was al­ways very good at mak­ing peo­ple happy, but it was all very sur­face. Now that the show has taught me how to dive deeper, I re­al­ize that that’s what mat­ters in a re­la­tion­ship and not the sur­face stuff. Q: There tends to be a lot of drama among the women on The Bach­e­lor. Is it safe to say that hap­pens with your sea­son?

A: Yeah, but I don’t know if it re­volves around me or not. A lot of it is be­tween the girls on the show. I’ve al­ways tried to steer my­self

away from any time of drama. If any­thing hap­pens in a re­la­tion­ship where there’s any kind of yelling or scream­ing, I kind of just shut down. And whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is up for dis­cus­sion, but that’s how I’ve been. But I don’t like ar­gu­ing, I don’t like fight­ing, so you prob­a­bly won’t see any of that from me on the show.

Q: There’s al­ways a lot of so­cial me­dia commentary that comes with do­ing a re­al­ity show. Are you go­ing to fol­low along or will you avoid it?

A: I’ve been booed off the field at Yan­kee Sta­dium. Noth­ing fazes me. I’m not re­ally on so­cial me­dia. All of my clos­est fiends know not to tell me about the stuff that they read be­cause they know it doesn’t af­fect me. I just don’t even care. I re­spect the fact that you’re a su­per fan or into the show, but your opin­ion doesn’t mat­ter. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s not go­ing to af­fect me at all. Q: Can you tell me if you’re en­gaged, or in a re­la­tion­ship? A: No, I’m not al­lowed to tell you that. Q: Are you happy?

A: I’m al­ways happy, no mat­ter what. Do you love the vague­ness of these an­swers?

Q: How did your mom and dad feel about you go­ing on the show?

A: They weren’t su­per into it at first. My par­ents are very pri­vate, so I think that me be­ing on na­tional tele­vi­sion is a big thing. My mom wor­ries about what the chat­ter is go­ing to be and what the in­ter­net says so it might be hard on her to hear a 12-year-old tell me that I’m ugly or that I’m a ter­ri­ble base­ball player ... But she was great on the show. She came off as a lov­ing, funny per­son just like she is in real life. My dad is just the same dude whether he’s on tele­vi­sion or not, he’s just a chill guy. But my mom was most wor­ried about ev­ery­thing.


New York Yan­kees start­ing pitcher Chris Ler­oux de­liv­ers in a spring train­ing base­ball game against the Toronto Blue Jays in Dunedin, Fla., March 26, 2014. Ler­oux will be the next star of the Bach­e­lor Canada.

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