Standard-Freeholder (Cornwall) - - LIFE -

This is a theme puz­zle with the sub­ject stated be­low. Find the listed words in the grid and when you have com­pleted the puz­zle, there will be let­ters left over. They spell out the al­ter­na­tive theme of the puz­zle.

A way with words

Agro Ambo Arid Arvo Bail up Bludger Boil Chap

Conk Dig­ger Dill

Dob in Dog Dunny Eg­ghead Egos

Emu Esky Fire Ghost Gig Glee Goanna Goog

So­lu­tion: 30 let­ters

Grundies Guff

Half cut Hobo


Info In­ter­est­ing Koala

Lair Loo Loser Lug Lurk Mug Ocker Ogle

Out to it Pash Pubs Rage Rook Savvy Shout Smoko

Swag Swy TAB Tinny Yack

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