From the pile of Post-it notes at my desk

Ran­dom thoughts as the heat of sum­mer en­velops our com­mu­ni­ties

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As sum­mer is now upon us and I fi­nally have some time off, I thought it high time to get to the com­puter and sur­round­ing desk area and clean up.

When you have this great op­por­tu­nity to pro­duce a col­umn in your lo­cal pa­per, yel­low Post-it notes with ideas, thoughts and in­for­ma­tion or leads tend to col­lect around the screen!

Here are some of those thoughts— not enough for a full ar­ti­cle, but worth the men­tion!

So, in no par­tic­u­lar or­der, here goes;

I’ve been get­ting a lot of feed­back on this one, even from Corn­wall and Area Cham­ber of Com­merce, but it is true that park­ing is free at a casino, where we pre­sume folks have some money, but charged at hos­pi­tals.

Let’s free up the hos­pi­tals and re­place those funds from the casi­nos lots. Just a thought.

An ar­ti­cle posted in the Fi­nan­cial Post on July 5, by A.Gre­goire, re­search fel­low at Univer­site de Sher­brooke, sug­gests we de­fer pub­lic pen­sion to age 75, not 60-65 or 67 years as had re­cently oc­curred, but up to 75 years old, “to save us thou­sands.” In other words, let’s con­trib­ute all our lives then die be­fore ever col­lect­ing a cent! This guy needs a dose of re­al­ity.

How about the re­verse? It was sug­gested to me many years ago, by an el­der, that we should all study, travel, raise a fam­ily say to age 30, then start ca­reers un­til we pass. With proper sup­port, pro­grams, this might work!

Does any­one know just what is hap­pen­ing to the Fal­con Homes site which goes north to the fenced lot with all the ob­ser­va­tion holes in the fence at Bel­mont and Mon­treal roads? Not much to see from the street at ei­ther site, for a long time now.

(Ed’s note: If you look from St. Felix and First / Wal­ton streets, you can see much more ac­tiv­ity for the Belfort Es­tates sub­di­vi­sion, phase I.)

I hope our read­ers and all Cana­di­ans take it much more se­ri­ously, the cri­sis in print me­dia to­day.

Not just our beloved Stan­dard Free­holder, but all pa­pers across this coun­try. Govern­ment fund­ing is nowhere, and I’ll bet some po­lit­i­cal types are quite con­tent to see much-needed in­ves­tiga­tive and gen­eral re­port­ing dis­ap­pear. Ad rev­enue is pre­car­i­ous at best, and we must all take note of sev­eral on­line fake news in­ci­dents, what with hack­ing and for­eign in­flu­ence!

Ku­dos to Corn­wall coun­cil, to post­pone any com­pen­sa­tion ad­just­ments un­til the new coun­cil is in. In South Glengarry, res­i­dents are band­ing to­gether to at­tempt to fight off op­pres­sive wa­ter and sewer tax in­creases, over 40 per cent, as that coun­cil soon de­parts.

A post­pone­ment is in or­der, with proper con­sul­ta­tion on a re­serve.

Did I se­ri­ously hear the gov­er­nor of the Bank of Canada say this week he was in­creas­ing base rates a quarter point to see just what the ef­fect would be on the av­er­age Cana­dian, who is heav­ily in debt? Duh? I guess it will cost the poor Canuck more!

While on the topic, why doesn’t he study the ridicu­lous in­ter­est rates on cards, the bil­lions per quarter in prof­its posted by the banks, and oil com­pa­nies, and gas prices? High taxes at all three lev­els in many cases amount to a tax on a tax.

Hey gov­er­nor: how about look­ing at that ef­fect on the com­mon worker!

En­joy your sum­mer, it’s a hot sum­mer every­one, stay cool!


Gov­er­nor of the Bank of Canada Stephen Poloz ar­rives for an in­ter­est-rate an­nounce­ment at the Bank of Canada in Ot­tawa on Wed­nes­day.

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