Knock­ing on wrong door costs $34,000

Stanstead Journal - - FRONT PAGE - Ber­trand Gos­selin Sher­brooke Court­house

Daniel Bradley and Shawn Ken­neth Black­more have re­cently been sen­tenced by the court to each pay a $17,000 fine for try­ing to smug­gle 500 car­tons of cig­a­rettes across the Amer­i­can bor­der. Each car­ton con­tained 200 cig­a­rettes. The two men came all the way from Nova Scotia to Kah­nawake, near the Mercier bridge, to buy a load of cig­a­rettes. They must have fig­ured that the best way for them to get back to their prov­ince of Nova Scotia was to take au­toroute 10 and then cross into the State of Ver­mont. For some rea­son, some­how they lost their way and ended up at the Stan­hope bor­der and right into the arms of the Amer­i­can Bor­der pa­trol. They were trans­ferred im­me­di­ately to the RCMP. Their car and the load of cig­a­rettes were con­fis­cated by the po­lice and the two thirty year-old Nova Sco­tians were brought into court.

The fed­eral Crown lawyer, Myr­iam Lachance, had made it clear to them that they would get out with af­ter pay­ing a large fine if they pled guilty. The fines were then set at $17,000 for each smug­gler, plus the loss of their car. They were al­lowed a pe­riod of 12 months to pay their due. If they do not pay within that pe­riod of time, the col­lec­tor of fed­eral fines could re­quest from the court a 12 months prison sen­tence. Bradley and Black­more went back home empty-handed.

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