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White’s dig­i­tal cam­era has pic­tures of deer galore. Some, in front of his house carous­ing, and the grue­some ones. Pic­tures of deer at­tacked by dogs in Og­den, killed, some eaten, most does un­able to pro­tect their fawns.

“Some, we can­not legally prove that there is only one, dog own­ers have let their dogs loose in the wild and they are at­tack­ing and killing those deer. We have found seven al­ready, there may be more.” Mr. White, the war­den of the Tomi­fo­bia Val­ley Con­ser­va­tion Fish and Game Club, is used to deer be­ing killed by a dog once in while, but not such a clearly de­fined num­ber of deer killed within a cou­ple of months. “It’s been go­ing on since Jan­uary. There is a lot of snow so deer are not as ag­ile and it’s re­ally in one part of Od­gen.”

While both the SPA and Que­bec’s Wildlife war­dens are on the case, there is not much they can do un­less they are pre­sented with ab­so­lute proof that a dog is in­deed re­spon­si­ble for killing wildlife. If they can prove it, then mu­nic­i­pal by­laws and the Wildlife act can see the owner fac­ing huge fines. Then there is the crim­i­nal code at sec­tion 445.1 that can lead to im­pris­on­ment and fines, in the case of an in­dictable of­fence, im­pris­on­ment for a term of not more than five years; or an of­fence pun­ish­able on sum­mary con­vic­tion to a fine not ex­ceed­ing ten thou­sand dol­lars or to im­pris­on­ment for a term of not more than eigh­teen months or to both.

“I know that most, if not all, dog own­ers when told that their dog, run­ning in the wild, can kill a deer, act im­me­di­ately, re­strain­ing their pet. They like an­i­mals, af­ter all, if they have a pet and would never let them be­come killers. This is what is so dis­turb­ing with this year’s at­tacks.” Mr. White, who will soon be seventy but usu­ally looks a lot younger, was truly moved show­ing the pic­tures of those deer in his cam­era. “They are not only killing them, they are also eat­ing their flesh,” he said and the pic­tures on his cam­era proved it.

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Game war­den Vic­tory White is alarmed at the num­ber of deer be­ing killed by dogs in Og­den.

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