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elec­tion in decades. As we go to press, in Stanstead, only Wil­liam Hogg, the Lib­eral can­di­date, had signs, from his last run to be elected in Comp­ton-Stanstead. Sun­day, which should have been the big day for elec­tion work­ers putting up signs, saw none posted, again with the ex­cep­tion of Mr. Hogg, in any towns in our re­gion. Nor in Ma­gog or Knowl­ton for that mat­ter. Since sign post­ing has al­ways been as­sumed as the best in­di­ca­tor of an efficient cam­paign, one won­ders if any party was ready for this elec­tion.

In Comp­ton-Stanstead, Mr. Hogg will face four time M.P. France Bon­sant, who got more than 40% of the votes at the last elec­tion. The Con­ser­va­tives have cho­sen a Comp­ton woman, San­drine Gres­sard Bélanger, whose blog re­seau­tage­durable.word­press.com tells us that she is a New Age mo­ti­va­tor who has faced se­ri­ous fi­nan­cial dif­fi­cul­ties run­ning an Inn in the re­gion. Join­ing her will be Jean Rousseau who will once again run for the NDP. Gary Cald­well, from SteEd­widge, will once again rep­re­sent the Green Party.

When we went to press, only signs for Lib­eral can­di­date Wil­liam Hogg had been put up in the re­gion.

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