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In the other two rid­ings cov­ered by this news­pa­per, the Bloc had more than a com­fort­able ad­vance in 2008. In Sher­brooke, where the com­ing of Mr. Du­ceppe was of­fi­cially to sup­port the nom­i­na­tion of six time run­ning Bloc can­di­date, Serge Cardin, Mr. Cardin won by a mar­gin of over 15,000 votes, de­feat­ing Con­ser­va­tive star can­di­date An­dré Bac­hand, who came third af­ter Lib­eral Nathalie Goguen who is not run­ning again. In her place will be Eric Deslau­ri­ers-Joan­nette who did not have a re­sumé or any­thing on the English page of the Lib­eral Party site as we went to press. The NPD, who had a well-known TV per­son­al­ity as a can­di­date, do not have a can­di­date yet in Sher­brooke.

For the Lib­eral’s Wil­liam Hogg in Comp­tonS­tanstead, where he has been cam­paign­ing full time since he was beaten by in­cum­bent France Bon­sant, the task of win­ning will not be easy: the Bloc Québé­cois can­di­date had al­most twice as many votes as Mr. Hogg. As Bloc or­ga­niz­ers are say­ing pri­vately, the prob­lem of this elec­tion will be to con­vince their vot­ers to vote! To­day’s visit by Lib­eral leader Michael Ig­natief in Comp­ton, at the Coop at 9 am, may help Mr. Hogg a lit­tle.

The Con­ser­va­tive can­di­date is al­ready mak­ing a name for her­self; Jean-François Lizée, of L’Ac­tu­al­ité, has al­ready dubbed her Miss Uni­verse. Mrs. San­drine Gres­sard Bélanger’s video, where she ex­pounded on the virtues of the Uni­verse, has been re­moved at her re­quest from Youtube, the web site san­drine­gres­sard­be­, linked by Lizée, is not func­tional, but oth­ers that she has, san­ and re­seau­tage­durable.word­, among oth­ers, still func­tion. When pre­sented to this news­pa­per by her com­mu­ni­ca­tion man, he started by say­ing: “… can­di­date du Parti Q…” cor­rect­ing him­self im­me­di­ately.

And what has be­come the English de­bate, even if a lot of ques­tions are asked in French, will once again be hosted, for the third time, by the Uni­tar­ian Univer­sal­ist Church in North Hat­ley. The event will be next Wed­nes­day, the 13th, at 7:30.

Con­ser­va­tive can­di­date, San­drine Gres­sard Bélanger, speak­ing with Stanstead coun­cil­lor Guy Ouel­let at last Sun­day’s church­war­den din­ner. She sang at the mass be­fore.

North Hat­ley mayor Michael Page wel­comes new coun­cil­lor Dara Jane Loomis to the town’s coun­cil.

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