White House’s loss; a young man’s hopes

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North Hat­ley’s White House will lose a res­i­dent in the next few days when Vin­cent Beaudry will leave the ex­tended care fa­cil­ity for one built es­pe­cially for peo­ple in his con­di­tion in Sher­brooke.

Mr. Beaudry, who is 35, suf­fered a fall when he was a tod­dler that made him an epilep­tic and from the ad­mis­sion of his par­ents, a very dif­fi­cult child to man­age. But they didn’t learn this for al­most twenty years! As a four­teen yearold teenager, Jac­ques and Diane Beaudry’s son was op­er­ated on for his epilepsy. His cra­nium fully opened, noth­ing could lead to the true rea­son for his con­di­tion. It would take

The mem­bers of the may­ors’ coun­cil of the Mem­phrem­a­gog MRC elected Jac­ques De­mers, the mayor of Ste-cather­ine de Hat­ley, as their new pre­fect dur­ing the meet­ing of Novem­ber 23rd. Mem­bers also thanked Ger­ard Mari­novich, mayor of East­man, who had been the pre­fect dur­ing the last two years but had given no­tice that he would not run again for the po­si­tion. Mr. Mari­novich ended his man­date feel­ing a sense of ac­com­plish­ment.

“It seemed es­sen­tial, when I be­gan my func­tions, to mod­ify the way we man­aged our or­gan­i­sa­tion. I can say to­day that mis­sion was ac­com­plished. More­over, in the Mount Or­ford dossier, I am proud to have con­trib­uted to as­sure the con­ti­nu­ity of the op­er­a­tions at the sta­tion dur­ing my man­date. I’d like to con­grat­u­late my col­league, Jac­ques De­mers, for his new po­si­tion and I wish him a lot of suc­cess with the chal­lenges that await him,” said Mr. Mari­novich.

The nom­i­na­tion of Mr. De­mers was warmly ap­plauded by the mem­bers of the coun­cil. “It is with en­thu­si­asm that I ac­cept this po­si­tion. Dur­ing my man­date I hope to raise aware­ness about our MRC both on our ter­ri­tory and be­yond its lim­its. My ob­jec­tive is also to ex­ploit the tal­ents of the mem­bers of our coun­cil and favour the vis­i­bil­ity of the po­lit­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the MRC,” com­mented Mr. De­mers.

Jac­ques De­mers has been the mayor of SteCather­ine-de-hat­ley since 2005. His in­volve­ments have been nu­mer­ous in the re­gion of Mem­phrem­a­gog, as well as in the Town­ships. He was the deputy pre­fect for the last two years, he is the pres­i­dent of the Sus­tain­able De­vel­op­ment Com­mit­tee and the con­sul­tat­ing environment com­mit­tee and the pres­i­dent of the Regie de po­lice de Mem­phrem­a­gog and of the Regie de re­cu­per­a­tion de l’es­trie. In suc­ceed­ing Ger­ard Mari­novich, he be­comes the fourth pre­fect of the Mem­phrem­a­gog MRC.

Ma­gog mayor Vicki May Hamm was named the deputy pre­fect. an­other six years for them to learn that this fall, when a babysit­ter missed a step with young Vin­cent in her arms, was re­spon­si­ble for his con­di­tion. This led, one can imag­ine, to a dif­fi­cult life for the par­ents, who also have a per­fectly healthy daugh­ter.

“He was moved from one fa­cil­ity to an­other and fi­nally the White House ac­cepted him,” said a grate­ful fa­ther. “Hon­estly, that was a life saver for us and Vin­cent.” Be­fore that he had gone through four­teen dif­fer­ent places to live.

But, it was not the per­fect place for a young and rather bright man for his con­di­tion.

So early next week, he will join oth­ers in his con­di­tion, vic­tims of de­bil­i­tat­ing ac­ci­dents or ma­jor head trauma, at the Mai­son La Con­quête that Premier Jean Charest in­au­gu­rated last week. The new fa­cil­ity, built at a cost of $1,400,000, will lodge, in an apart­ment set­ting, ten res­i­dents who will have ac­cess to a build­ing that will be more of a house for them than their present set­ting.

Most causes need a spark to help them ex­plode in the pub­lic con­science. In this case it took a tragedy a quar­ter of a cen­tury ago, for Martin Matte, the well-known comic who you may have seen in a French Honda com­mer­cial, to get in­volved. Suf­fer­ing a car ac­ci­dent, his brother, then seven­teen, was saved by modern medicine, dy­ing three times, al­ways re­vived, in a coma for months and alive. Well, with­out any present mem­ory or any in­hi­bi­tions . As Mr. Matte says in his mono­logue about his brother, all vic­tims of these types of prob­lems have dif­fer­ent symp­toms. You can watch the mono­logue on the Martin Matte foun­da­tion web­site: tinyurl. com/72odejy . The foun­da­tion was a ma­jor giver to Mai­son La Con­quête.

It’s hard for a politi­cian to share the billing with a comic, but Premier Charest, his usual self in a non-con­fronta­tional set­ting, han­dled it with gist and hu­mor.

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Premier Jean Charest lis­ten­ing to Mr. Jac­ques Beaudry while Sher­brooke Mayor, Bernard Sévigny, laughs along with Mrs. Diane Beaudry at a joke made by Martin Matte, at right.

Photo Stanstead Jour­nal

Vin­cent Beaudry tak­ing a pic­ture of Premier Charest with his mother in the fore­ground.

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