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IfFe­bru­ary is the of­fi­cial Love month, it can also lead to a job if you are look­ing for one.

For the third year, the Cen­tre Je­unesse d’em­plois, lo­cated in Ma­gog but with satel­lite of­fices in both Stanstead and Man­sonville, will have a job speed dat­ing ac­tiv- ity on the 25th; a Satur­day so that ev­ery­one can go. There will also be a ‘work wall’ at this ac­tiv­ity where hun­dreds of jobs will be posted. While the first meet­ing had a huge turn- out, over 400 par­tic­i­pants, last year it at­tracted only 300 peo­ple even though twice as many jobs were of­fered.

It’shard to drive by an aban­doned lit­ter of kit­tens left along a coun­try road at night, es­pe­cially when it’s mi­nus twenty and drop­ping. At least it was for my hus­band when he saw the hud­dled lit­tle group near the end of our drive­way. He turned the car around and came back to the house for me and a box to put the kit­tens in. When we ar­rived back at the spot just a few min­utes later, search as we might, we could only find two of the kit­tens.

The lit­tle kit­tens were dirty, smelled like a dairy barn and were both hav­ing prob­lems with their eyes. They purred grate­fully when we gave them milk and washed their fur with a damp pa­per towel, not re­ally sure what to do. A small search party went out the next morning, in­clud­ing our black lab who is fond of cats, to fol­low the tracks in the light, to no avail; still no kit­tens in sight.

Head­ing out to work the fol­low­ing morning, when I drove past the spot where the kit­tens were ‘dumped’

from page 3 told us it didn’t have the ca­pac­ity for a lot of traf­fic and it could be open with spe­cial reg­u­la­tions only. So we de­cided to try it,” men­tioned Mr. Levac. As of today, the Eustis Bridge will be opened to traf­fic, with cer­tain re­stric­tions such as one car on the bridge at a time. “Be­ing the gov­ern­ment that is clos­est to the peo­ple, we have to lis­ten to them,” he added.

No news about the de­funct Mont Joye which is now the Parc de Mont Hat­ley. “We were told that some­thing new would be pre­sented to the mu­nic­i­pal­ity for 2012 but we haven’t heard any­thing so for now it’s on the back burner. We re­ally want to do some­thing about it; I meet peo­ple ev­ery week who ask me when it will start up again,” con­cluded Mr. Levac.

CharlesTrem­blay, of Coat­i­cook, was found guilty of us­ing a spot­light at night to de­tect the pres­ence of big game and of hav­ing in his pos­ses­sion, at night, a loaded firearm in an area fre­quented by big game. Mr. Tremblay re­ceived a fine of $1000.

Three Saint Isi­dore de Clifton res­i­dents were also fined for poach­ing. Pierre Vail­lan­court was caught hunt­ing deer with­out a per­mit and in il­le­gal pos­ses­sion of a dressed deer. He was fined $2,325. De­nis Tardif and Chris­tian Per­ron were found guilty of hunt­ing deer at night. They were each fined $1,825. A Scot­stown man was also found guilty of deer hunt­ing at night, killing more than his al­lowed quan­tity of deer, and fur­nish­ing false in­for­ma­tion when reg­is­ter­ing the an­i­mals. He was fined $2,575.

I was amazed to see two lit­tle kit­tens hud­dled be­side each other. No go­ing back for a box this time; I just grabbed them, tossed them into my car and brought them home to join their siblings.

Thank good­ness for Joyce Dekker of the Fron­tier An­i­mal So­ci­ety for her good ad­vice (wash their eyes with tea and feed them canned cat food), her recipe for kit­ten for­mula and her en­cour­ag­ing words about help­ing me place two of the kit­tens since we cer­tainly couldn’t keep all four.

The over-pop­u­la­tion of cats in this prov­ince is alarm­ing, es­pe­cially when it leads to such cruel acts as dump­ing kit­tens by the road to freeze to death or be­come a larger an­i­mal’s sup­per. If you own a cat, even if it’s liv­ing out in the barn, it should be neutered. A cat that hasn’t been neutered will cre­ate hun­dreds of off­spring who them­selves will cre­ate hun­dreds more. How many of those will meet a bru­tal end?

The Fron­tier An­i­mal So­ci­ety reg­u­larly runs a cat spay­ing clinic, about once a month, where cat own­ers can have their an­i­mals neutered and vac­ci­nated for the bar­gain price of $65. Flea treat­ments and nail clip­ping is also done, for the same low price, if needed. It’s the right thing to do. Call the Fron­tier An­i­mal So­ci­ety at 819 876-7785 and leave a mes­sage; some­one will call you back with the de­tails of their clinic.

Photo Stanstead Jour­nal

Par­tic­i­pat­ing in the launch of this year’s Job speed dat­ing event was (l. to r.) MNA Pierre Reid, Ma­gog coun­cil­lor Nathalie Pel­letier, G-spek pres­i­dent Eric Grave­son and G-spek em­ployee Se­bastien Bourque.

Photo Vic­to­ria Vanier

Three of the four kit­tens, one was a lit­tle cam­era-shy, that were dumped by the road­side on a frigid win­ter night.

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