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un­ex­pected win of the PQ in the al­most eter­nal Lib­eral strong­hold of Ar­gen­teuil has put new hope in the lo­cal Parti Québé­cois sup­port­ers who showed up in rather large num­bers for a break­fast meet­ing, last Fri­day, to hear their lo­cal can­di­date, Michel Bre­ton, and oth­ers speak to them for a week­day morn­ing event.

Num­bers may be on the side of the péquistes for the time be­ing as the lat-

est party to take shape has prob­lems tak­ing form. The for­mer PQ min­is­ter François Le­gault lead C.A.Q. , Coali­tion Avenir Québec, is go­ing nowhere in the Ar­gen­teuil con­test and is still un­able to field a can­di­date in the Town­ships, months af­ter a rather good per­for­mance in at­tract­ing donors in Sher­brooke last year. Mr. Le­gault, it will be re­mem­bered, said that he was drown­ing in qual­ity can­di­dates then and that his tough­est job was choos­ing one. So, the game has changed a bit and the cal­cu­la­tion for the PQ in the new re­dis­tributed Or­ford rid­ing, show­ing that they would win by a very small mar­gin, may well hold up if an elec­tion is called for Septem­ber.

Mr. Bre­ton, who comes from the pri­vate sec­tor, has been the peren­nial PQ can­di­date for the last two elec­tions. He came third in the 2007 call to the urns when the ADQ surged all across Québec, sec­ond in 2008, but still lost by more than 2,000 votes, but any­time that the elec­toral map is com­pletely reshuf­fled, the bets are skewed dif­fer­ently and harder to pre­dict.

The econ­omy, Mr. Bre­ton’s pre­ferred field, will be at the fore­front of his lo­cal cam­paign. “The Lib­er­als seem to have cooked the books as the Au­di­tor Gen­eral has said. We will need first to clean up that mess when we are elected.” He added that some mea­sures will be taken back: “It doesn’t make any sense that the $200 per head health tax con­tin­ues. Some­one mak­ing $15,000 pays as much as a multi-mil­lion­aire in the Lib­er­als way; it doesn’t make sense.”

While the elec­tion has not been called yet, all pun­dits are say­ing that one will be held in Septem­ber as the Char­bon­neau en­quiry would then spill more dirt on the cor­rup­tion scan­dal that has plagued the prov­ince for the last decade.

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Parti Que­be­cois hope­ful for the Or­ford rid­ing, Michel Bre­ton, spoke to sup­port­ers at a break­fast meet­ing last Fri­day.

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